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Shaving Tips

Shaving is important, but it can be a hated, time-consuming, often painful event. So I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for Shaving Tips that they have discovered which they feel might be of some benefit to their fellow Don Juans. This is what they had to say.

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I, too, despise shaving. But it is rather important. Especially when there is a cute girl you'd like to cuddle without giving her stubble burn. Of course, shaving can be uncomfortable in itself. That's why I personally shave in the shower. The steam helps to moisturize your face. I get a much smoother shave in the shower. And as far as razors go, I prefer the Mach 3, with Gillette shaving gel. The blades for the Mach 3 are a bit more expensive, but I think that they are worth it.

Shaving perfectly depends on too many factors. I'll consider all of them except for your kind of skin.

1) Do it every day.
When the beard is short the razor slices easily through the face, this way without get nicked up.

2) Use warm water.
Warm water opens face pores and makes the operation more comfortable.

3) Use good razors.
Bad razors increase the chances of getting nicked up and cuts. Consider the kind of your skin to choose the best. Razors do better jobs than electric shavers. When my beard gets too long I use both of them. First the electric, then the razor.

4) Two passes completes the job.
The first pass is direction downside. Clean the face and do it again upside. Then check details.

5) After shaving, use hydrating cream.

Go to date and hear her talking about your smooth skin!

1) Use one razor a week. After that you are asking for trouble. Buy the razor with the gel strip on the top and at least two blades.

2) Shave against the grain. It seems to solve all of my problems. Actually, my dad's generation swore the same about shaving with the grain. Maybe you just need to be consistent.

3) Never use a mirror, you will do better if you use your free hand to find the spots you missed.

4) Shave in the shower. No more complaints about a dirty sink and the hot water makes your stubble stand up.

5) Do not use Foam or Creme. Use a good Hair Conditioner. It is good for your skin as well as your hair, and it washes off easier (especially in the shower).

First off get a badger brush to lather that soap up. Not only does it lift up the hairs for a closer shave, but they look damn classy resting on your bathroom counter. Then use any multi-bladed razor (I prefer the Sensor Excel). Finish it off with some pure aloe instead of aftershave. Aftershaves contain alcohol that dry out your skin and contribute to blemishes. Styptic pencils work wonders for healing nicks, and at around a buck for two there's no excuse for not having one.

Smooth like a baby's butt.

I hated shaving with a passion. I have a sensitive baby face, but a beard that grows like a weed, and that is incredibly hard to shave. I tried everything, the gel-foam, the shaving, the shaving in the shower, electric wet shavers, etc. Nothing worked. I regularly cut my face. Then I found "about face", sold by Allan Palmer Laboratories, 800-655-4457. Worked great. Things have even gotten better since I started using this with the Gillette Mach 3. Haven't gotten a cut in years. I'd recommend the combo to anyone.

Gillette Mach 3 and high quality facial lotion. No shave cream! Lubricates the skin and doesn't clog the razor. Very close, baby face shave. The kind of shave she's dying to get between her legs! And she DON'T shave every day!

The best shaving combination I use is Aramis total comfort shaving cream and the Mach 3 razor.

Aramis total comfort shave cream is a cream like stuff with benzocane in it.

Shaving tips? Its all about the Mach 3. I have never had a better shave in my life. It cuts smooth, it is impossible to knick yourself, and your face will be as smooth as a baby's bottom. It is sick.

I find that the Mach 3 razor works the best for me. Especially with a new blade. The first time I used it, it cut my shaving time in half and got a very close shave with next to no nicks or bumps.

Here's how I get the best, closest shave ever. I use a Trac II razor with a gel shave cream. That gives me a great shave...... But for the very closest shave I use a trick passed on to me by my dad many years ago. Shave a second time, going in the opposite direction. It is the closest shave you will ever have.

Once a long time ago a good friend of mine came to my rescue when I spoke of how %$%ing painful it was to shave. He was far more prone to ingrown hairs than I because of our genetic differences.

The clue?

Shave with HAND Lotion. It WORKS!

But let me elaborate if I might.......... I've tweaked it a bit over the years and have found the perfect combinations over the last TEN THOUSAND shaves or so. (Just kiddin', but seriously, how many times will we men have to shave in our lives?)

Numero UNO.

Get a Mach III razor. Just spend the extra cash.

Numero Two.

Kiss My Face shaving lotion. Usually available in finer organic/vitamin stores such as Fresh Fields/Wild Oats/Alfalfa's etc. NONE BETTA

And the third secret......

Shave in the shower.

Those three tips will give you the closest shave, leaving your face baby butt soft and with absolutely NO nicks or cuts.

Change the fricken' blade more than once a week, it's worth it.

A little dab of facial lotion, such as Oil of Olay or something a bit more expensive, such as the potion your girlfriend/sister/mother purchases at the Mall doesn't hurt either. Perfect cure for the razor burn you occasionally get. Obviously, the women are on to something!

Oh......and one last thing..........

Forget the $*@#ing macho/bullshit aftershave routine. It's your father's generation.....and they didn't know any better.

All I know is that I have used Gillette disposable razors for years; they seem to be getting worse each year in terms of shaving ability. I am not surprised that their stock is in the tank, because their products, at least the disposable plastic razors, really suck. I'm going to be interested in what products others have found that work well.

The Mach 3 razor is the best I've ever used and I've used a lot of razors.

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