How to Make a Woman Fall In Love with You

You can make a woman fall in love with you!

It's not that difficult.

You just need to know a few simple rules. Just a few tactics to capture her mind, get her thinking about you and obsessing about you... and how wonderful and amazing and incredible you are!

This short 10 minute video by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge details the reasons why you fall in love with particular girls (and not other girls) and how to use these exact same reasons to make girls fall in love with you.

Bob and Rob refer to this process as "reverse engineering" the emotion of love.

In some cases, this involves doing things that are a little bit illogical and may not make much sense to you.

But remember... emotions are emotions. They are not thoughts and they are not logical and they do not have to make sense. You cannot think or reason or logic your way into a girl's heart. But you can create certain emotions -- like love -- if you know how.

In the following video Bob and Rob (the "Obs") detail:

  • What exactly makes you fall in love with certain girls (and not others)
  • Why, when you are in love, the girl seems to dominate your every thought
  • How to get a girl thinking about you when you're not around -- this is important!
  • How to use psychic tension and doubt to capture her mind and get her obsessing over you
  • The biggest mistake "nice guys" make that kills the emotion of love in a woman
  • Why loving a girl will not make her love you back -- this does not work!
  • Why buying a girl flowers often leads to the opposite of love and lands you in the much-dreaded friendzone
  • How to stand apart from other guys by using mystery and challenge to project an aura of awesomeness
  • Why she doesn't respond to you -- your calls, your emails, your texts -- after what you thought was an amazing first date
  • How Rob accidentally made a girl fall in love with him (and had a great epiphany in the process)
  • What The Scrambler technique is and how to use it to make a girl fall in love with you

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