What Women Don't Want

by RookieDon

I'm not expert Don -- that is why I'm named RookieDon, but here is my bit. There is no question that having good looks is an asset. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Good looks will get you in the door. I'm not a bad looking guy -- and have had women attracted to me because I'm not bad looking with a nice smile. Unfortunately, I have more than once completely turned women off with my insecurity and lack of confidence. When a women is attracted to you -- and you know it -- and you still bungle it -- man that hurts.

This is how I stumbled upon this website. I had a great gal really liking me. I don't mean kind of liking me, but really liking me. I wanted her so bad, that I eventually fouled things up so badly it is embarrassing. If the Dons out there could have seen the things I did and the way I behaved -- they would ban me from offering any advice. However, this does not mean I cannot learn. This site made me realize that I was making the same mistakes over and over in my relationships. I needed to overhaul the way I dealt with women.

With this in mind, the thing that has sabotaged many of my potential and budding relationships is lack of confidence, insecurity, and low self-esteem around desirable women (most notably the women I really want). I end up trying so darn hard -- well you know what happens next. On the reverse, every time I'm with a women I don't really desire, they end up really liking me and wanting me. I am starting to figure out what is going on here.

I honestly believe that a man who is confident and has his s**t together will win every time. I have friends who aren't that great looking, but they have a lot more success with women than me because of their confidence. They make women feel at ease. The women want to be with these men -- because when they are, they feel good about themselves.

Confidence can't be faked -- I've tried -- and women know this. It must resonate from within. If you've got this, I don't care what you look like, because you've got appeal. No question, if you combine confidence with good looks -- watch out, but I really believe confidence will hold the women. Women like strong men -- I've come to this conclusion because I have truly learned what women don't want. They don't want babies, they want men.