An Effective Strategy for Getting Girls to Leave the Club or Party With You

by Cary Wilson

If you're out with the guys this is a great way to get women to go back with you to wherever you choose. You can take them to another bar, a party, or back to your place when using this technique. For credibility purposes I will let you know that I am 24 and I have had sex with well over 100 women.

First you need women. Duh. So find an appropriate venue. After years of trial and error I have found the most effective pick-up line to be, "Hi." Women hear tons of stupid, rehearsed, and hackneyed pick-up lines every day. Just saying "Hi" shows them that you are genuine and sincere, and it doesn't lead on that you are trying too hard.

Women can pick up on when men are on the prowl. Of course, it's all in how you say it. So be sincere and polite, because the "Lady's Man" never gets women outside of Hollywood.

Okay, so you have the women and you need to get them to home base. Let them know that you and the guys are going to go somewhere else that is more fun and they should come along so they aren't missing out. Most of the time the girls agree that somewhere else would be better than where they are at. Women by nature are discontent.

* Here's where the trick comes in - we call it tossing a man out. What we do is after the women have expressed interest in going wherever you have invited them, leave the bar, but leave one man there.

The tossed man lets the women know that his buddies took off and he needs a ride to where everyone else is. Women are sympathetic by nature and they are almost always willing to give a ride to the tossed man.

Once you get them to the home field, you will have the "home team advantage." And the chumps back at he bar will be left with Rosey Palmer, while you and the guys are entertaining beautiful women at your home base.