Meet and Date More Women With These Quick Tips


Clothes to Boost Your Confidence

by Anonymous

One confidence booster can be a new set of clothes you know are appealing.

Try getting a female friend to go clothes shopping with you. Have her help pick out some items she knows would look good on you and fit a look and style you want to project.

Men usually have little idea what looks good on them or how to coordinate a great outfit.

When you know your clothes project a certain image you will find the rest of your psyche changing to go along with it.

Convince Your Feet


If you can convince your feet to get you within speaking distance, I've found your mouth will generally take over and keep you from being a fool standing in front of her staring.

If I May Be So Bold

by MysticMike

Using that phrase before asking a girl for her number or a date may just help get you one. Every time I've used it, it's worked. It makes you appear somewhat cute and polite.

Don't know the science of it, just use it.