Are You Dating a Selfish Woman?

by FekTraz

Any of you familiar with the movie "A Bronx Tale" will recognize this simple trick which I almost swear by.

You pick a girl up, and being the true Don Juaner that you are, you walk her to the car to open the door for her. Now, you manually unlock her door and let her in. After closing the door, you walk around the back of the car and look through your rear window.

If the girl is not conceited, and thinking about you tonight, she will unlock your door. If she is conceited and only thinks about herself, she will not unlock the door.

It may sounds cheesy, but I have used it, and it has worked for me. The girls who do unlock my door, end up having a longer relationship with me, than those who do not unlock the door.


The Prettiest Smile

by Frank

I had an idea and I had to test it out.

I went to one of those internet personals sites and answered a bunch of ads. I wrote to some ladies, and then decided to pick one woman with a great smile and simply typed this:

Hey, I was looking through the personals and saw your ad. I just thought you had the prettiest smile and thought I would let you know.

That's it. And it worked! She's the only one who wrote back.