Keep Your Woman Happy — Without Spending a Fortune

by Budo

If you want to keep your woman happy, buy her little things that cost a buck or two.

Stuff that you think she might like or need like Chapstick, gumball machine toys, cheap nail files, cool looking pens, Pez dispensers, etc. This shows that you are fun and thinking about her a lot, that she is important to you.

She will tell her friends all about how great you are and how thoughtful you are.

You don't have to keep buying her $40 flower arrangements that surprisingly won't mean as much. Showering her with expensive gifts gets her in the "mind" ... but she may eventually move on.

Whereas thoughtful (but not really) inexpensive gifts will steal her "heart" and keep her forever (or at least until you move on).


Never Marry Anyone You Are "In Love" With

by Aristotle the Hun

My main purpose is to warn the many eager men that what they are so eager for might become the worst thing that ever happened to them.

There are a number of mental health problems that occur in women more frequently than men, i.e. BPD sufferers are 75% female. Several other personality disorders as well as depression are primarily female problems.

Here is the warning: "Love" has the ability to mask serious mental health problems. When the "love" wears off the problems become obvious and you end up sharing life with the Wicked Witch of the West.

Never marry anyone you are "in love" with. Wait until the "high" wears off so you have a better chance to know what you are getting into.