Using Jealousy to Get the Girl You Want

by Edgar Davison

This is actually an old technique, but it seems many men do not understand it properly.

If you are with a group of women do not always give the same girl the attention. You have to work on one of the traits found in almost every woman - jealousy!

If you like a certain girl in the group give her other friends attention too. You can give your girl attention also, but give her friends equal attention.

This will cause the girls to become extremely jealous of each other and you can take your pick!

Be sure to be very flirtatious with all of them!

Edgar Davison


My Magic Formula For Success with Women

by Vangelis Vassalakis

My magic formula regarding the attitude towards women:

My entire behavior, the way I talk, the way I move, etc. emit the sign:

I want YOU (and not any other girl),
but my life will keep going without you


Gentle Persistence

The latter is one of the strongest magic ingredients that opens doors.

The former is the firm foundation that makes a woman notice you, in most cases.

Mix, shake, add a generous spoonful of good humor and good laugh,

...and enjoy!

Vangelis Vassalakis