Art Exhibits: A Good Way to Meet Women

by Brian Ochsner

A good way to meet women and impress them is to attend a "cultural" event like a play, an opera, or like I recently did - attend an art exhibit.

I'll admit it got a little boring towards the end, but there were more than a few attractive women touring the exhibit.

There are always more women than men who attend these events, so your chances of meeting a single woman is much higher than it would be ordinarily. It's also easier to start a conversation, since you have so many drawings/paintings to comment or ask questions on.

One word of warning: you probably don't want to strike up a conversation with a woman on a nude or semi-nude portrait. Depending on the girl, you may get by with it and not have her think you're a pervert, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Give it a try, you might find some new cultural interest in your life, and some new dates!

Brian Ochsner