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The Big Secret of Approaching Women and How to Do It Successfully

by Chris Weathers

Ever walked up to a girl and find out that your calm and cool approach isn't working? Or your energetic, wild approach is scaring her off?

Kind of leaves you wondering what the hell you did wrong, huh?

Here's a tip I picked up on from a friend...

We would always go out and it seemed like he would know how to attract any woman at the party. And I was very frustrated that he could make it look so easy.

So I asked him what the secret was and what he told me made so much sense and sounded so easy I was dumbfounded.

He told me to do my homework before approaching her.

By that he meant to study her personality, movements, and mood just for a minute or two before walking up and starting to talk to her. Adjust your persona on the spot to compliment hers.

The only thing you have to remember is not to forget who you are an act like something you're not. Do not change your personality.

Change your body language or tone of voice or whatever to fit the situation. And whatever you do, do it with confidence -- I can't stress that enough.

Using this method you can adjust your persona accordingly. If she is energetic and outspoken you could use the same attitude when you approach her to make yourself more attractive to her.

On the other hand, if she is quiet and just sits there like she doesn't know anyone at the party you can adjust your persona to make her feel more comfortable.

This technique has worked wonders for me and my other friends I have shared it with.

Just remember you are making yourself more attractive, not deceiving her by acting like someone you are not.

Chris Weathers