Creating Attraction

by Reardonh

You must become what you want to attract.

* Be scarce. When people are having a good time because of you -- leave. Always under-stay your welcome. This creates an immense attraction of the opposite sex.

* Light up when you meet someone (i.e. be excited to see her). Always be enthusiastic whether in person or on the phone.

* Have a crusade or a major definite purpose you are trying to achieve and go after it with unswerving conviction, unshakeable confidence, and an evangelistic attitude. Be subtle, but let people know what you are doing.

* Always encourage others to talk about themselves.

* Smile.

* Be spontaneous and surprising at times.

* Never talk or associate with others when they are in a bad mood -- they will associate those feelings with you.

* Be consistent with certain things so that people will expect that from you -- then suddenly stop, and then restart again. Always keep people thinking and on their toes.