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Do Women Care What a Guy Looks Like?

by Joseph Matthews

If youíre anything like me, youíve had your fair share of strike-outs with women.

I mean, letís face it -- you canít win them all!

But when you do get rejected, a lot of guys will often think...

"She must not have been attracted to me. I must be UGLY!"

Donít fret, thatís a common insecurity that everyone (women and men) share. Weíre always on edge, wondering if weíre good looking enough to get the women that we like.

Well, donít worry, because Iíve got a secret Iím going to share with you.


Here it comes...

Looks Arenít That Important!!!

Notice I didnít say looks ARENíT important. I said looks arenít THAT important.

Thereís a difference.

Looks are important to an extent, but not as important as you may think. Most women have a lot of leeway in what they find attractive in a man, and this can be used to your advantage.

Many guys think girls look at men the way men look at women. When a man looks at a woman, he judges whether or not heís attracted to her based on her looks. If sheís overweight, has the wrong hair color, if her breasts are too small, if her nose is too big... whatever it may be, the man may dismiss her completely, regardless of whether or not sheís a really great girl.

Because men look at women that way, itís natural for men to assume thatís how women appraise us.

This belief is both true, but at the same time misleading.

Women do take looks into account, but in the overall scheme of things, to women, looks play a smaller role in deciding whether theyíll sleep with you than it does when it comes to men deciding if theyíll sleep with a woman.

Let me give you an example from my life for instance. I used to date a girl I was madly in love with. But because I was slightly overweight, I was always depressed, feeling I didnít deserve a girl like her. This bad attitude of mine eventually ended up driving her away.

But we stayed friends, and as time went on, she met another guy that she fell in love with. Eventually, I went to visit her and met her new beau, and to my surprise, I discovered this guy was 10x fatter than I ever was! Seriously, he had a good 100 pounds on me.

The difference was, even though he was fatter and not as good looking as I was, he didnít care. He allowed his good traits to shine, whereas I allowed myself to dwell on my bad qualities. And this great girl that I had in my life was attracted to those great qualities and easily overlooked his shortcomings in the looks department.

Remember that women are emotional creatures by nature. They are more in-tune with how they feel and therefore more susceptible to their emotions.

What does this mean?

That women may immediately be attracted to a good looking guy because he makes her FEEL GOOD right away. But if that same good looking guy is mean, or dumb, or turns her off in other ways and makes her feel bad feelings, she may decide she really isnít attracted to him at all.

Also, factor in that not all women are attracted to the same type of guy. Just like all men arenít attracted to the same type of women. Some women may prefer short men, or men with long hair, or fat men, etc.

It comes down to this: You donít know WHAT physical type a woman is going to be attracted to. So approach her anyway and find out if youíre the one.

If youíre wondering just how, exactly, you can approach a woman, be sure to check out my book The Art Of Approaching. In it, I give easy to follow strategies on how to meet any woman, any time, anywhere -- and you donít need to be male-model-good-looking for it to work! To check out my book click below now:

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Trust me, youíll be glad you did.

To your success,

Joseph Matthews

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