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Hereís the Key to Getting Any Woman You Want...

by Joseph Matthews

Do you know the one thing that will get you more women than you know what to do with?

Itís something so simple, so obvious, youíll kick yourself for not thinking of it before.

Ready for it? Here it comes:


Persistence is KEY to getting what you want.

This is true in all endeavors in life. If you give up too early, you will never achieve your goals.

This is *especially* true when it comes to women.

But before we go any further, Iíd like to make the distinction between "persistence" and "being a stalker." Stalking a girl is never a good idea, not just because itís creepy anti-social behavior, but because it means you do not have a very good, active life.

Itís important to have other stuff youíre passionate about than just a woman. But that doesnít mean you shouldnít pursue her a bit.

Lots of men make the mistake of not chasing after a woman, either through laziness, or ego, or what have you.

The fact is, in todayís world, women still want to be pursued by guys.

Seriously, the whole "womenís lib" notion of girls asking guys out has never caught on, and was never very popular to begin with.

Thereís still that old status quo in place because I think women realized just how crappy it is to ask someone out and get turned down, so itís back to the "old" way of doing things.

However, most men know that it stinks getting turned down too, and some fall into the trap of waiting for the girl to call and suggest a meet.

Donít be *that* guy.

Heís lonely, and his porn collection is growing by the minute.

Be the guy who takes the time to call a girl when he feels like talking to her. Ask her to meet you for drinks or some other activity. Talk on the phone and see whatís going on with her.

Women are busy people in this day and age, and if you donít stay in their life in someway, youíll get pushed aside and forgotten eventually.

Even if a girl canít meet you, keep at them. Call them every couple days until theyíre ready to meet.

Donít get caught up in phone games. If you want to call her, call her. Leave a message. Keep at it, not too intensely, but just enough to stay on her radar. Drop an email, talk on IM, do whatever it takes to become a part of her life.

This kind of gentle persistence, though a bit of work, can pay off in the long run.

And if she doesnít appreciate it and doesnít want anything more to do with you, sheíll eventually let you know.

The tactics I give you in my book The Art Of Approaching can go a long way to helping you go after the woman you want. In it, I teach you not only what to say to women, but how to break yourself of any fear of rejection you may have. If you havenít checked my book out already, what are you waiting for? Click below to read my book now:

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To your success!

Joseph Matthews

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