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Can You Ever Trust a Woman?

by Joseph Matthews

Today I want to talk about a touchy subject.

The subject of TRUST.

Namely: Should you ever trust what a woman tells you?

Now, we all know that people lie. Both men and women do it. Iím willing to bet youíve told a lie at some time in your life too.

So everyone lies. Yet, we are inclined to trust people, arenít we? So lying canít be a trust killer (at least, if the lie is a small one anyway).

But despite that, know this one simple fact:


Now, obviously I canít get into all the lies that a woman will tell you in this little article. But I can focus on one certain aspect of female untruthfulness that will relate directly to you and your success with women.

And the tragedy about this particular field of fibbing is that WOMEN DONíT KNOW THEYíRE LYING WHEN THEY DO IT!

Strange, but true.

What Iím talking about here is when a woman tells you what she finds attractive in a man.

Weíve all been there before. Thereís a girl we like, and we try to do our homework to find out what she likes in a guy. Inevitably, we hear things like:

The list goes on, and on, and on...

Yet, no matter what, we will always see the exact same woman who just told us what she likes in guys go for a man who is THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT SHE TOLD YOU SHE FINDS ATTRACTIVE.

And weíre left scratching our heads, wondering why sheíd go for a guy who isnít anything remotely like the kind of guy she described to us.

The answer is because: THEY LIED!

But the thing to remember is, she didnít KNOW she was lying when she said it!

Confused yet?

Let me elaborate.

See, itís true that women are attracted to the qualities they list. Letís take height for instance. Letís say a woman tells you she finds tall men attractive, and you feel like sheíd never go for you because youíre 5"2 on a good day.

Next thing you know, you see her dating a guy who makes "mini-me" look like King Kong, and you get upset because you took yourself out of the game based on something she told you she liked!

But the truth is, itís not that she likes guys who are physically tall. Itís that she likes the way she feels when sheís WITH a guy whoís physically tall.

Maybe her father is a tall man and tall men make her feel safe. Who knows why itís the case? But she gravitates to the tall men because instinctively, thatís who she associates the feeling of safety with.

Now, does that mean she flat out lied when she said she liked tall guys?


Does that mean you should trust her when she says "I only like tall guys?"

Definitely NOT!

If you learn one thing from these articles, never, ever, ever, EVER take what a woman says about what she finds attractive seriously.

Always look at what lies beneath her words and find the meaning behind them.

That will let you know what she REALLY responds to!

So letís say thereís a girl you like who says she only likes guys with long hair, and you happen to be balding.

Now, does this mean if you get a long mane of golden locks stapled to your head, you can get with this girl?

Or is she telling you that she values youthfulness and wildness in a man?

Because youíd have a much better chance of being fun and outrageous with a girl like that than you would by dunking your head in Rogaine every day.

There are exceptions to every rule, and you need to be confident and aware of yourself and what kind of woman you want if you want to really have some great success in love. One way you can start this is by checking out my book The Art of Approaching. No other manual out there will help give you the tactics you need to focus on your goals and achieve the type of success with women you really want.

If you havenít read my book already, what are you waiting for? Go here now to check it out:

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Youíll be glad you did.

Wishing you success with women,

Joseph Matthews

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