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The Kiss Close - When, How, and What To Do

by -Hpnotiq-

Ok gentlemen. You have landed your first number close - SUCCESS!

You have set up a date at that fantastic new Euro-Asian restaurant in town - MORE SUCCESS!!

On the date, you were cocky/funny, you listened 70% and talked 30%, you gave great KINO (touching her) and she gave KINO (touching you) in return. Sheís even commenting on how sheís having the best time with you - MORE AND MORE SUCCESS!!!

Towards the end of the date, you get this crazy idea that you want to kiss her! So what do you do now? When do you do it? And HOW?

Generally, most women will not kiss you on the first date. There are always exceptions to the rule. The girl may be drunk, she may be easy, she may be a friend that youíve already known for a good amount of time. In those situations a kiss close or MORE is probable.

But generally speaking, a woman you are getting to know will think you are moving way too fast if you try to kiss her on the first date. Kiss closes have higher success rates on 2nd or 3rd dates because most women need to feel comfortable around you before they give you the green light to tongue wrestle.

But donít wait until date 39 to make your move, or she may think youíre not sexually interested in her.

So what does that green light look like?

Go signs on the date for the kiss close include:

Throughout each date, you should be gauging her comfort level with you. Also, you should be gauging your comfort level with her. If you genuinely feel comfortable with her, she is most likely feeling comfortable with you.

So during what part of the 2nd or 3rd date do you attempt the kiss?

The best time on the date to attempt the kiss close is when her comfort level is at its apex. This usually happens toward the end of the date because throughout the date, you have made her more and more trusting in you. And when she trusts you, sheís ready for the close.

So how do I close?

There are many styles and approaches on how to kiss close. Some guys like to walk her to her door at the end of the night. Others like to kiss her in the car before dropping her off at home. And others like to attempt a kiss close during a romantic sunset backdrop.

As long as she is comfortable with you, ANY of these styles will work. ANY of them! Why? Because youíve already established her trust, and trust with women is golden! It isnít the kiss close ímechanicsí that will determine your success; it is her trust and comfort level that will.

But there two rules that MUST BE followed when attempting the kiss close.

1) NEVER ask if itís ok to kiss her.

Other than the first time having sex, the first kiss is one of the most anticipated events when people are newly dating. Your kiss close should be a surprise to her. Think of it as a present, a lasting memory, something she isnít expecting. When you ask her or make your intentions fully known, the thrill of the unknown is now lost. How can you take her breath away when sheís already expecting it to be taken?

2) Your kiss should match the level of excitement as your date.

If your dates have been relaxed evenings drinking wine and discussing art, then shoving your tongue down her throat and groping her melons isnít going to win you points. Sure, youíve gotten the first kiss. But, that will most likely be your last one too. If your dates have been exciting nights out dancing, drinking, laughing it up - itís a safe bet that your kiss close can have a little bit more PASSION to it.

So Iíve attempted the kiss close and she turned her face away and said no! Iím crushed! NOW WHAT?!

Calm down chief! No need to push the panic button.

There are times where youíll read her signs wrong, rush her pace, not establish enough comfort and trust with her, or just plain run into a crazy psycho woman. Maybe youíve followed every seduction step to the "T" and she still turned her face away. What to do now?

First, realize itís not the end of the world.

Women will most often times be very polite in rejecting your kiss close. If your attempt is rejected, donít go off the handle and storm off in a tirade because she said no. Thatís something an insecure boy whose fragile, babied, bruised little ego would do.

Donít try to rush her, pressure her, or push the issue. Just pull away with a confused look on your face as if to say "whatís the deal?" When you do this, she will most likely tell you why she isnít letting you advance.

99% of the time it is because she needs more time to get to know you. So guess what, give her that time. If youíve already invested 2 dates, whatís another night out going to hurt?

Just keep building that trust and comfort level. By not being angry for her denying your first kiss close attempt, you have just fortified her trust and comfort in you. Keep winning those points and the apex will come. Donít rush it.

Follow the same rules again. Donít worry so much about the kiss. Enjoy her company. Enjoy dating. Enjoy the process!

Continue to be a confident, cocky/funny, desirable man everyone wants to be with, and attempt a second kiss close when the time feels right!

I would post information on what happens when the 3rd kiss close attempt fails, but, I rarely fail on a 1st kiss close attempt. And I have NEVER failed on a 2nd kiss close.

If you follow this game plan, I have much confidence that your success rate will most likely match mine. Heck, it may even be better!


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