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Starting Conversations with Women

by Sebastian Steele

Okay, Iím going to share the formula that I use when deciding what to say to women. Itís fairly simple once you get the hang of it... so bear with me.

Hereís how it works.

Letís talk about psychology. Letís say you spot someone that you want to talk to, and youíre not sure what to say. Well, there are a couple things that we need to think about first.

Number 1 -- the person that you want to meet is probably thinking about whatís going on in their life. Maybe they are thinking about something that happened at their job, or at home.

Maybe they had a fight with their ex boyfriend, or maybe they had a wonderful day and they are just out to relax. Now of course, it depends on the context, but you have to realize that thereís a pretty good chance that the other person is not standing there just WAITING for you to start a conversation with them.

So when you start talking to them, it might be taken as a welcome surprise, or an intrusion.

Now am I trying to discourage you from starting a conversation? Of course not. What I am saying is that before you start the conversation, itís a good idea to realize that the other person can have a million things going on in their mind, and you need to make sure that your opening statement contains some aspects of the following formula.

#1 -- It should be relevant to the situation youíre in. If you see something interesting about that person, and you want to comment on it, then thatís relevant. If you make a casual remark about the weather, then thatís relevant. You might talk about the long lines, or whatever. Just make sure that itís relevant, and Ö..

#2 -- Itís easy to agree with. Make sure your statement is easy to agree with. Yes, it IS hot outside. Yes, I am wearing a beautiful sweater. Etc.

#3 -- It should answer the silent question "why are you talking to me".

Okay this is a biggie. Even though the other person might not be asking themselves yet "why are they talking to me", most people want to know that your intentions are good.

If you live in a city, then youíre probably familiar with people who will walk up to you and ask you for money, donations, a sip of your drink, or they might even try and talk you into joining some business of theirs. My point is, often times, people (especially women) get approached by people who WANT something from them.

Maybe itís their money, or their attention, or their phone number. So, your opening statement should tell the other person what you want from them. Why? Well lookÖ if you donít get your foot in the door first, then you sure as hell arenít going to get all the way up to her bedroom. In an average scenario on the streets, a woman will be guarded against talking to you until she feels safe, and knows that you arenít trying to "get" something from her.

Now letís take some of my previous opening statements and look at them.

"Hey, you have a beautiful tan. What salon do you go to?" -- Now do you see how this statement has 3 elements? Itís complimentary -- I complimented her tan.

Itís relevant to the situation. Iím asking about something thatís going on right now.

And it letís her know what I want from her, and that itís safe to talk to me. I did that by asking her a specific question about the thing that I complimented.

Now what person WOULDNíT answer a question like that?

Itís a great way to get the conversation started. Now the other person may or may not be receptive to talking to you right now, but if they are, then you will improve your chances of getting a conversation started by 1000%.

You have a MUCH better chance of talking to the hot girl than if you just delivered a "line" likeÖ. " Hey, youíre pretty. Whatís your name?" Or, "Wow, youíre cuteÖ do you come here often?"

Some dating books even have the nerve to say that all you have to do is say "Hi". Well nooooo, it doesnít really work that way. "Hi" is great, when you combine it with an opening statement that uses the formula that I talked about, but "Hi", by itself, sucks.

If you enjoyed this article then you should stop by my web site Simple Seducer and learn more about the book... it may just be exactly what youíve been looking for!

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