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Fine-Tune Your Sense of Humor

by JuanWannabe

Weíve all got a sense of humor. Some of us make the occasional joke and get people laughing, while others can go on for hours.

I have a very sharp wit, but I was finding that my ideas were running out. I also found that I was using the same techniques to get people laughing. My mom, dad, and sister didnít really laugh at my jokes too much anymore. (I wasnít repeating the same ones, just using the same techniques to try and get laughs.)

So I went out and bought my first comedy CD ever: Jerry Seinfeld - "Iím telling you for the last time"

Man, that guy cracks me up.

And you know what? Iím funnier for listening to that. I got my family in stitches a few minutes after Iíd finished listening (mainly because of my good mood! - see tip #4). And Iím making people laugh again. Iím not using Jerryís jokes, itís just that my wit has been reawakened after listening to it.


1. Listen to and watch comedy whenever you can. Sitcoms are great. But stand-up comedy works the best if you want to work on entertaining your friends. Only watch it if you find it funny.

2. Hang out with funny people. Havenít you noticed how your funny friends have funny dads/aunts/uncles? Thatís because they spend every waking moment with them!

3. Make a habit of buying a comedy CD\video every now and again. (Thisíll also help with tip #4.) Try different comedians and see which ones are most like you, or which you would most like to "impersonate."

4. Listen to comedy in the morning on the way to work/university. Whether itís your CD or something on the radio, make sure itís something that really gets you laughing. It puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day and people will enjoy your company more because youíll be more cheerful. (You donít even need to be funny to benefit from a good laugh.) You can only be funny if youíre in a good mood.

5. I personally donít like telling "other peoples" jokes. (Two seals walk into a club...) I avoid them mainly because I always screw them up. If youíre a good joke teller then do it! These kinds of jokes never fail. If someone else told it and made you laugh, chances are whoever you tell will laugh at it too! Youíre sense of humor will benefit.

6. Donít feel intimidated if you donít get a laugh. Itís been said before, and Iíll say it again here: "Even the best comedians have their bad days."

7. Donít try too hard. I often find my worst "funny" days are when Iím TRYING to make people laugh. Donít look for things to comment on! As your wit "sharpens" youíll sense things that are funny and will make people laugh without trying.

8. Comedy is all about looking at the world from a different perspective. When you give everyone a glimpse from your point-of-view, you get laughs!

Hope I helped.

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