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Intermittent Reinforcement

by Doug

I get results when I take control. It is instant death when you hand over "control" to a woman.

My secret is to give women "intermittent reinforcement." This actually is a psychological phenomenon commonly documented in experiments involving rats.

The goal of the experiment is to have the rat press a lever as many times as possible. The rat is given a pellet of food after it presses a lever. If the rat gets a pellet every time, it soon gets satiated and stops pressing the lever.

If, on the other hand, the rat does not receive a pellet every time the lever is pressed, but receives a pellet intermittently, the rat will increase the frequency with which it presses the lever.

The analogy is fairly obvious: how do we get women to "press our lever" as many times as possible?

Easy, give her attention intermittently and unpredictably. Donít give her a pellet too often. Take control of when she receives one. Donít be at her beck and call.

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