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How to Force Yourself to Get Better With Women

by The TrimReaper

Coffee is for closers!

One of my favorite movies "Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross" contains this line.

If you haven't seen this film, this line is said by Alec Baldwin. He's the hard-ass who is brought in to shape up some salesmen who work for this sleazy, cutthroat company. He tells Jack Lemmon that he can't drink the company coffee because he isn't closing the deal.

You can apply this to your DJ skills.

If you set a goal, such as getting a number tonight, and achieve it, reward yourself. The reward can be something small, coffee, or something big, like a new DVD. Most importantly, it should be something that makes you happy.

However, if you don't achieve your goals, pick something that you want, or would like to do, and keep from doing it. You want to make not achieving your goals as uncomfortable as possible.

Hold yourself to this.

When you reward yourself for good behavior, and discipline yourself for bad behavior, you program yourself to get what you want.

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