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Control the Situation

by Bryan

One thing I've noticed is that when you are in control of a situation, and you hold the attention of numerous people and stay calm, the ladies are just drawn to you.

I'm an umpire and whenever I call a game behind the plate, I am in control. I control the flow of the game and I demand the attention of anyone involved in the game. And when I'm calling a game, I look into the stands and sometimes there's a pretty little thing sitting there, and she can't take her eyes off of me.

But then, when you lose control, it's all over.

When I was just starting, I would mess up a call, panic, and have to give up control to my partner. After that happened, I noticed that those same girls who couldn't keep their eyes off me had lost interest in me.

The lesson is, take control, and don't be afraid to keep it.