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Okay. So you wouldn't know a romantic idea if it walked up and knocked that John Deere cap off your head. Don't worry. Help is here! Try a few of these romantic ideas on the woman of your dreams, and she might think you're the man of hers.

Why People Should Date after Marriage
   - by Michael Webb

How to Create Romantic Feelings in a Woman
   - by Ron Louis and David Copeland

Don't Do Dull Dinner Dates
   - by Michael Webb

Romance and Pizza
   - by Nelson Razo

How to Give a Gift
   - by Michael Webb

Open Me
   - by Anon

Go Fly a Kite - Seriously
   - by Michael Webb

How to Seduce Single Women Using Romantic Lighting
   - by Don Diebel

Calling All Friends, Family, and Celebrities
   - by Michael Webb

Romantic Toilet Paper
   - by Michael Webb

The Mini Bouquet
   - by RS

A Little Romance Goes a Long Way
   - by Allen Thompson

Why I Tried to Kill My Wife
   - by Michael Webb

Jump Start the Romance
   - by Michael Webb

The Hand Kiss
   - by John Strohm

The First Post-It Notes
   by Michael Webb

Share a Kiss with Her
   - by The Assassin

What's the most romantic thing your guy has ever done for you?
   - Various Female Readers