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Author Topic:   The Vortex of Morphological Fields

Don Juan
posted 05-28-2001 10:54 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for stockholder     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
So you know how to seduce a girl� in theory. You've even become confident in real life. You know almost everything you need to know about flirting, seduction and self-respect. What next??? It's like when you have graduated from university and your question is "What am I supposed to do now?" Go with the flow. Do the things you'd normally do in your life but integrate (incorporate) everything you've learned so far in your actions.
Start charming women. Compliment them. Use their names. (That nice girl who works at McDonalds look her in the eyes and make her feel your manhood. You have all your seduction-tools with you so she's all yours. Not all yours but somebody else's ? So steal her away by being the kind of guy she would want her boyfriend to be. You can do it! See it as a complex equation. In order to solve it you have to know how the system of solving the equation works. You already know how the system works for seduction because you've spend nights reading the data on this website. Once you've solved tens of equations of that sort you start to see through how the fundamentals works. I mean seduce one girl and keep doing it and you'll be a master in seducing and you could eventually seduce any girl you'd want. It gets easier every time.) Use kino on them. Touch them. Melt them with your charm. But�

Get in the process. Get involved. Imagine that you're opening a bar. First you're like "euhhhmm� where am I supposed to order glasses? Where do I find people to hire? Where do print flyers for events?" You'll have many more questions. Until you start hanging around this guy or girl who already owns a bar. Soon he/she tells you one or two things and you go like "Okay I'll start with this" and when time comes and you have all the connections you need you can even grow more succesfull than your opponents and you'll start giving advice to them.
Get acquainted with the girls you like and flirt with them. Jump in the water and go with the flow. Flow with the flow.
Remember your sister (in-law) getting pregnant? Before that it was like there was not any pregnant woman walking on the face of this planet. But when you had a pregnant woman in your family suddenly it seemed like there were pregnant women everywhere. What I mean is: Get In The Process. Get involved.

After college I became low-profile (not at the surface) and a friend of mine who's a real arsehole started to annoy me with I'm-more-experienced-than-you-are-in-everything-sh*t . I was this very nice guy to everyone (not the nice guy on Pook's scale but just a nice guy in low-profile mode) who never tried push some in his shadow. But� the bucket got full. No one who doesn't really know me has the right to judge me and make fun out of me. I started to act in the open again. One day I started charming every girl I know and in a couple of weeks I ended up with more girls interested in me than I was in them. My God there was a moment I saw myself as a sexsymbol. Me, of all people. I even got popular (more popular than him) with a girl he was in love with. I started getting popular with the friends of my so-called friend (I'll refer to him as c*nt) and next thing c*nt tells me is that he's jealous of all these girls showing me attention. Sometimes c*nt pops with his jealousy and tries to f*ck up my day but I hit him and he shuts up. Don't misunderstand me. I don't like humiliating people. I don't like showing off. I share things I know/have. I hate people who keep whining like little girls. I hate people who think they can press the juice out of me. I hate people who work on my nerve (I'm one of the most patient guys in the world.) I don't like revenge that much but my message was

"Nobody fu(shwing!!!)cks with me" (don't read the shwing!!! part.)

So I got in the process of being a Don Juan because I was trying to make myself clear. I learned that once you start using what you've learned and keep going on doing it, your investment pays off. Just like with stockholding.

No quote this time unless you want to listen to My Way (Frank Sinatra) and study the lyrics.



Master Don Juan
posted 05-28-2001 03:03 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Neophyte     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Great post! BUT...there might be a problem

I graduated last year and meeting girls is not that easy anymore. I spent my hours every weekend dancing in the clubs, having fun, etc. Most of the time I always see new girls which I didn't saw before. So not much benefit of being charming next time...? All the people in the clubs look very busy...dancing, talking to their friends, having a drink. I can't just interrupt every girl and start talking?!
(ratio: 40% couples, 35% guys, 25% girls - 10% out of 25% are interesting girls)

*How can you handle a situation like this?

I'm putting all the tips from words into actions:
- I smile, have fun, dance, try to make eye-contact, approach...and so on.
- I am not shy, and I don't look very bad.

I am doing all these stuff for 3/4 weeks now, but it seems hard to get any results yet. Is it to early and should I persist in my actions?

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined!

[This message has been edited by Neophyte (edited 05-28-2001).]



Don Juan
posted 05-30-2001 10:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for stockholder     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I wouldn't know Neophyte. It worked for me and I analyse everything but I still don't know what seperates being that guy she likes very much and being that guy she kisses. I would say just go on and don't worry. If I really want to meet someone and conversate I would observe the smallest gap and strike (as in go and get acquainted. One day I was so sick and tired because I still didn't know who this girl was that I went to her touched her on the arm and said "I don't think under normal circumstances we would meet but I wanted to get acquainted." She still thinks of me as a funny guy. I wasn't romantically interested. Oh by the way I think of myself as more ugly than handsome.)
The way I flirted was:

- I always went for the most beautiful. (read the most lonely. Even ugly girls have more friends than this elite group of very beautiful "threatening" women. At first I would not show sexual interest. They'll usually give the "go" signal first because they'll die to get touched by a guy who for once understands them.)
- In other cases (not the very beautiful) I didn't give a damn about their responses. Sometimes I didn't even respond to their signals sometimes. (I take great pleasure in manipulating people.)
- I presented myself as a kind of a "Frank Sinatra/Tom Jones" kind of man. You know the kind that women say is different from other guys. The kind of man who dresses different but quite stylish. The kind of man who is happy with being himself. The kind of man who can make cleaning toilets look cool because he's enjoying it.
- I got pretty popular with most people (by being kind and never ignoring anyone) and if everyone reacts to you in a positive way the girls you like are also going to react that way.
- Unlike what the guys tell on this website I never ever showed my sexual interest right away. Maybe because I felt like I didn't have a deadline or maybe because I'm a very patient guy. Or maybe it was because I think you could look threatening at first. I wanted the girls to get comfortable around me first.
- Most important I think is that I presented a certain Alpha Male potential.
- I was so damn persistent. I kept talking to them even if I had the idea that they didn't like me (very few thankgod). This was how I got to know everyone (years ago. Now they like me because I'm such a relaxed guy (overheard some people talking about me) (I hate myself in many ways but I'm a good actor)) After you break the ice (using their names, complimenting them, listening, looking in their eyes.) you can surprise them with a second impression that is most times better than the first.

I wish I had the right answer for you. By the way do you feel ready yourself ? Because while growing up I had this "Why don't I have a lover?"-thing. Then I thought back and saw how many times I turned down a girl because something wasn't okay. I wasn't really that independent. My mom was home early, every day. So I wasn't ready while I had all I needed. My unconcious mind told me over and over again that I wasn't ready. But I would like to hear how it ends with this chapter of your story.

Just don't give up yet. Once it starts you will not want to end it



Master Don Juan
posted 05-30-2001 11:39 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Neophyte     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for your time to write you post! First I can say that I do feel quite ready. I'm 22 and back alone on the road (gf broke up 11 weeks ago after 2,5 years)

OK, i won't give up. I think I just have to believe everything is going to end nice. Damn, it's so hard and I hope for some results in the near future.

Only practice can help me out I think. And so you are saying that you also started from scratch ?

If things are going in the right direction, I'll certainly write a post. Until that time, I'll try to learn as much as possible (easier said then done)




Don Juan
posted 06-04-2001 04:06 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Champ     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I was just going to comment on the idea about trying to take some guys girlfriend. I got this girl to leave her boyfriend after they had been dating 2.5 years. First, I just get to be friends with the girl when i learn she has a boyfriend. In that case i waited about two months before i made my kill. She thought that i was the best guy in the world. Before i had even tried to take her (which was just a bet)she had told me if she was single she would be in love with me.

i think she was already having feelings for me so i started to bring them out for her. I kept charming her and finally one day i asked her if she would ever leave her boyfriend for me..she said she couldn't hurt him like that so i just turned it around and said what about me? you can deal with hurting me? she felt bad and then i just threw in the lines on her and she fell (hook,line and sinker).

I know i didn't go into much detail because i didn't want to bore you and it would be pretty long if i did. Anyways i just started to bullsh*t with her tremendously and tell her how much i cared about her and would never hurt her sh*t and it worked..i never even had to date her and i hit it..then became invisible as she never has heard from me again..dirty i know..but as someones saying says "Just Hit It" haha..i did win 50 bucks for pulling it off two weeks after the bet started...my boy gave me time to get to know her before the ultimate task..laterz


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