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Author Topic:   Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part I

posted 07-29-2001 03:20 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Pimpologist     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The Conversation - Part I: The introduction

The introduction of the conversation is very important in creating a good first impression; opening up the conversation strong is key. Delivering an introduction breaks the ice and puts you into a position to start asking questions and increasing the rapport.

I recommend using these 3 introductions/approaches:

1) �Hi� what�s your name?�

  • Her saying her name is your cue to extend your hand, once you make hand contact say:

    �It�s nice to meet you <her name>��. �.my name is <name>.�

  • If anything stands out or is unusual about her, now is your chance to drop a compliment. If there is absolutely nothing you can comment/compliment on, then you don�t necessarily have to�if you�re a beginner I recommend skipping this part initially. TIP: if you observe her, the situation, and the surroundings before approaching, you won�t have to come up with something right on the spot after saying your name.

2) �Hi� my name is <name>.�

  • She should give you her name at this point�if not, then ask after a brief pause:

    �What�s your name?�.

  • Her name is your cue to extend your hand, once you make hand contact say:

    �It�s nice to meet you <her name>.�

  • Then look to slip in a comment/compliment.

3a) �Hi�.

  • If she says hi and/or smiles at you, then continue from:

    �What�s your name?�

3b) �Hi�.

  • If she says hi and/or smiles at you, then comment/compliment on something about her.
  • If she says thanks and/or smiles at you, then continue from:

�What�s your name?�

3c) *Don�t say hi *

  • Comment/compliment on something about her
  • If she says thanks and/or smiles at you, then continue from:

�What�s your name?�

Note: Review the lesson on complimenting before using methods 3b) and 3c).

Keys Points/Analysis:

  • Shake her hand correctly��It�s very important that you extend your hand at a slight angle with palm up to initiate a female type handshake in which she will respond by extending her hand with palm angled down. This will usually prevent it from turning into a formal handshake where both your hands end up vertically meeting. A formal handshake points you into the direction of the �friendship� zone right from the start; try your best to initiate a �girl� handshake.

  • Don�t hold on too long���let go once she starts letting go. You will call too much attention to the your handshake if you hold on longer than she does and it won�t seem natural to her. Remember you�re trying to work on her subconscious; you don�t want her becoming suspicious of anything.

  • Initiate kino (body contact) as early as possible�..a simple non-threatening handshake is an excellent way of creating early kino. It also makes her feel more comfortable with you.

  • Say her name��..after saying it was nice meeting her, this works subconsciously by giving her the illusion that you�re familiar with each other already.

  • Refrain from complimenting�.. during your first several approaches so you�re able to get into the groove of your rap without the pressure of having to do too many things all at once. After a few dry runs, you�ll know when you should give one or not.

  • Use proper eye contact �.don�t stare in her eyes the whole entire intro but don�t look around either. Look in her eyes when asking her name�..after she gives you her name, glance down for a second towards the area you�ll be shaking hands while extending your hand ��.once her hand is about to come into contact with yours, look back at her eyes and finish your intro.


  • DON�T use �pick-up lines���� The best approach is a straightforward approach; don�t start off by beating around the bush.

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Master Don Juan
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Master Don Juan
posted 06-23-2002 09:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mistyc     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote



Master Don Juan
posted 06-23-2002 11:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for wheelin&dealin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I usually look for something awkward about the situation then start off by asking a humorous question about it.



Don Juan
posted 07-10-2002 11:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for DesperateDon6969     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
do i really approach a girl by saying hi,whats your name? i mean..come on,i know most of you have better experience in this than me but i dont find it really that good idea to JUST go and ask her about her name or introduce myself? it doesnt sound like a girl will like this kind of approach?

but what do i know! heh..im still a beginner

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Master Don Juan
posted 07-11-2002 08:21 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for mistyc     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
DesperateDon.. Here's an idea

Try it out. If it works, great! If it doesn't work, try doing it differently, or doing something else.

(And change your nickname.. To something not negative)



posted 07-13-2002 06:22 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Pimpologist     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey playas,

One thing to keep in mind while you read my tips is that everything is meant to be a base knowledge that you can modify and/or expand upon as you gain experience. This is known as adding your own unique style. It�s the concept that is important. The sub-concepts, or the actual details and real time execution, rely heavily upon such factors as your situation and the girl. The following comments I make to Wheelin and Desperate will give you a glimpse of what I�m talking about.

Wheelin: That method of approach makes use of the concept seen in method 3c. It�s a slight variation that focuses the beginning of the approach/pick up on the surrounding situation as opposed to directly on her. Let�s call it 3c-Indirect.

Although method 3c-Indirect allows you to easily start a conversation in which you did not walk up to her, you still end up �beating around the bush� since the initial stages of rapport will usually concern the opening topic. Therefore you will have to work the topic back on to her in one way or another to get you out of �friendly chit chat� and into a more personal and sexual tone of rapport.

Additionally, it delays the introduction. The longer you wait to go through an intro, the longer and more awkward the rapport will be, even if it seems as if it is going smooth.

The reasoning behind this is purely psychological. If you don�t even know her name and she doesn�t even know yours, you are categorized as a stranger in her mind no matter how well the rapport is. An early intro breaks this initial barrier and familiarizes her with you, allowing her to develop a stronger emotional connection with you as you run your game.

All in all, method 3c-Indirect is not bad at all. It has its advantages as well as its disadvantages but once you understand the approach/ pick up, it�s basically all the same. It�s all about experimenting and varying in different situations until you get consistent results.

Desperate: Yes there are many situations where you can easily and naturally use methods 1 and 2. However, for most situations I recommend using method 3a. It�s a great way to gauge interest level by the way she says �hi� and it allows you to immediately go through an intro, and by now if you�ve read the above reply, you should know the effects of early versus delayed intros.

Mystic: I see you�ve been studying up on your Pimpology. Keep at it playa!

PS - DJ�s, I know it�s been a long while since I�ve posted any tips. I�ve realized that the tips I was giving had little to no sequential order or overall organization to them, and therefore might have made it difficult for some of you to benefit from them. So I decided to undertake a larger project as my contribution to this site, rather than merely posting a tip here and a tip there.

That project consists of writing several books that are focused on different aspects of the game, aspects which I�ll reveal in due time. Since conversation skills and effective rapport are the main weaknesses for most of you, the first book will be dedicated specifically to this and should be out very soon. The second book of the series will be dedicated to perfecting your approach and pick up techniques and will act as a complement to the first. I�ll try to have more information in the upcoming weeks. Layta playas�




Master Don Juan
posted 07-13-2002 07:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for StuartScott     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Good post P. I like your style. I say a lot of the stuff you say and have even gotten a few pointers from some of your posts. Keep it up



Master Don Juan
posted 09-08-2002 08:53 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SexPDX     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by Pimpologist:
[B]The best approach is a straightforward approach; don�t start off by beating around the bush.

A lot of this really depends on the venue in which the approach is being done and whether or not she gave you IOI's or AI's. If you get a non-verbal approach invititation prior to speaking with her the kind of straight approach you describe may work just fine but those kind of things only happen here and there unless you are an amazing physical specimen. But if you are on the street or some other venue where normally only an interesting conversational opening will get her attention and her interest enough for her to want to talk to you having the kind of conversation for an opener you would have with your dentist is not the best plan.

- The performer known as Nick


T Dog

Master Don Juan
posted 09-11-2002 04:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for T Dog     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
If you are interested in a girl, go up and talk to her.

Do not, and I repeat, do not go up to her friends and use her friends as a source of intell.

It is a stronger hand to talk to the girl directly, shows confidence, than to use the indirect route, the friend. That shows the girl right away that you are not confident.

T Dog


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