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Author Topic:   "High school girls" in highschool
BLuE eLf

Master Don Juan
posted 08-06-2001 06:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for BLuE eLf     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Most of the posts in the Dj Discussion Forum are about girls in college, or girls after that.

Their way of thinking is mature, they know what they want or like in life not like HS girls. So the seduction system applied on college, mature women cannot be applied on high school, immature girls.

I am high school so I’ve decided to write about high school girls.

I came to the conclusion that the forward characteristics are specially pronounced in HS girls, but when these girls are growing up those characteristics are wasting on the age road, resulting that on the college girls those characteristics are not so well pronounced.

Characteristics, ways of thinking of the High school girls:

1) Girls in high school like guys that are seen important, famous by others and it doesn't matter that he is ugly or a jerk. They like power given by a man older than them.

2) They don't know what they like, and if you convince her friends that "that thing" is cool, she will sure then think is cool -she is not thinking of her own, at this age her thinking is influenced by the entourage, especially by the "leader of the social group".

3) They love themselves and they want to be the best girl in a group. >Characteristic number 2<>they want to be the "leader of the social group", by thinking and acting like him.

4) They make actions without thinking of the future consequences, they don't think what will happened in the future, they just think "I just want to have fun", "let's do it, I am curious".

All you haft to do is to use these characteristics, against them, and, in your favor - Influence her friends, and you influence her-.

Remember and use the basics of P.U.A - create mystery and challenge, don't give much info about you, don't give her to much attention, don't call her soon, body language . . . etc.

My "attitude in high school" advice:

- A guy who has the ability to be the "leader of the social group" but he doesn't want it to be

- The guy who can offer a lot to a girl, confident, like you have a hidden ace held in your hand

- A guy with false modesty. When somebody is talking about something great, extraordinary, you just act like they are common things for you

- When a girl, first time, shows that she want to be with you, never say yes, just keep her in suspense until you are sure she will use sex to get you

Things to play

a) Play with her desire to be the best. Make her believe that she is a very important special woman.

b) You haft to increase your conversation skills. My advice is to read “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene and “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

c) When you talk to her, talk as if you are talking to a woman, not to a girl. Substitute actions of a woman with sexual life to her, in your favor. (!!! The first conversations with the girl must have nonsexual topics, simply just common things!!!)

Tell her how you like older women’s because they think mature about any subject, without avoiding or being afraid of an normal subject (like sex...). Not all the girls at this age sees sex common, they are "afraid" of the subject, so you help her open up to you if you see this subject as if is common subject for you. By doing this, you influence her to think like you, and from talking about sex in high school and doing it is not a big step if you are smart. When you talk with her about something that he is not used to it, don’t let her object to the subject. EX:

Wrong conversation:

You: You know when you make love, you feel like . . .

She: (stopping you) I don’t make sex I am a virgin!!!!

You see if she says that, it means that “Bye, bye closeness!!! Bye, Bye sex!!!” and you don’t want that!!!

Wright conversation:

You: You know when you make love, you feel . . .
She: I . . .
You: (stopping her) an enormous pleasure . . .

You speak and you are changing the subject if is necessary without giving her time to object upon the subject.

d) Make yourself a challenge to her. Give the impression that you have many women, that you are used to be surrounded by beautiful women. You can use the scam with the telephone numbers: you have a paper, notebook full of telephone numbers and you let the notebook flow out of you pocket, hand, or you leave the notebook somewhere around the girl, and when the girl sees that notebook, those telephone numbers will make out of you a big challenge.

e) Make a friend who is close to her; make her believe that you are a special guy. This friend it will tell her friend all about you and that’s in your favor. The next step is to make her convince her friend that you are “the right guy” for her. This is really wonderful because you can play a lot of tricks on your future girlfriend with your new friend. A female friend could assure you success in high school because you can convince her to play tricks on her female friends – like telling them that he seen you with all kinds of beautiful women and you are a guy who has so much to offer to a girl – and if get the “false modesty” attitude this it will assure you success (read “attitude in high school”).

e) If a girl is mad about you, all other will be mad about you!!!

Flirt with a girl who is not used to have so many boyfriends. This girl looks you with another eyes; not like a girl who is used to be surrounded by a lot of guys. Because she looks you with another eyes she will tell her friend a lot a beautiful things. Now… a lot of the girls in high school heard all the beautiful things about you and they look at you with “another eyes”, they think “he must have something special; what is it about him; I want to try it with this man ”. Of course you haft to play a little “hard to get”.

Live your life



Master Don Juan
posted 08-06-2001 09:09 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for RookieDJ     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
True that Blue Elf! this summary is quality!

"If You dont Shoot...You Cant Score!"

"Just do it!"

"Excuses are like A-Holes...everybody's got one!"


Dj Chase

Master Don Juan
posted 08-07-2001 06:14 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dj Chase     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
good lord this was a long post.. i enjoyed it though.. i miss being in high school.. =\


BLuE eLf

Master Don Juan
posted 08-09-2001 01:04 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for BLuE eLf     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
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Master Don Juan
posted 09-09-2002 07:31 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for MaDsKaTeR212     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

"Life cannot reach total perfection until it has seen total imperfection."
-Yours Truly


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