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Author Topic:   Pimpology 101: Setting up the first date

posted 08-29-2001 02:33 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Pimpologist   Click Here to Email Pimpologist     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Pimpology 101: Setting up the first date

The purpose of the first call is to set up the first date. Start out with some small talk, and then ask her out. Make the call short and sweet.

Making the call:

Her: �Hello�

You: �Hi, I�m calling for <her name>?�

  • She�ll either ask who�s calling, say you�re speaking with her, or say hello if a roommate had to get her on the phone.

You: �This is <your name>�.

  • If she remembers you, she�ll say something like �Oh�hi�

  • If she doesn�t respond after a brief pause, don�t say� �Do you remember me?�

  • Some girls will remember you and some will play dumb. When they play dumb, they�re just testing you to see how you respond.

  • Whether she plays dumb or not, you must re-state the situation and/or location you met to trigger and/or clarify her memory.

You: �We met at <place> on <day/time>�.

Note: Add style to your deliverance by making it fit the time, situation, and location you met.

�We met at the mall last Sunday�.
�We met working out the other day�.
�We met at the store about a week ago�.
�We met outside psychology class Wednesday�.
�We met downtown Saturday�.

  • She�ll say something like, �Yeah, I remember�.

  • If she continues to play dumb and still doesn�t remember you, that�s your cue to say: �Well then I guess I have the wrong number�bye�.

Beginning small talk:

You: �How have you been?� <she answers>

You: �How was your day?�� <she answers>

You: �What you been up to lately?�� <she answers>

  • If she reciprocates the questions, just respond with simple answers like �I�ve been fine�, �I had a nice day�, �Nothing much��etc. Note: This principle applies to any other questions she decides to throw at you during this call.

Asking her out:

You: �Are you doing anything <tomorrow/day of week> or <day of week> around <time>?�

  • Mentioning two different days/options will give you a higher chance of hitting one of her free days.

1) Available both days:

You: �Alright, well let�s get together on<one of the days > and <action of date> �

(Ex. �Alright, well let�s get together on Tuesday and go out for some Mexican food�)

2) Available only one of the days:

Say: �Alright, well then let�s get together on< the day she said she was available> and <action of date>�.

  • Remember that you�re not giving her any control by accepting the day she�s available because you gave her the option.

3) Not available both days:

If she hasn�t told you which days she�s free then say: �What days are you free this week?�

  • If you�re free one of those days then say what you would in situation #2.

  • If she�s unavailable all week say: �Alright, well give me a call sometime next week and let me know when you�re free so we can get together and<action of date>�ok?�

  • Then give her your number and say bye. If she doesn�t call, that means she�s not interested.

First Date Recommendations:

  • I highly recommend going out for dinner on the first date so you�ll definitely have uninterrupted conversation before, during, and after the food arrives. Take her to a place that�s not too cheap and not too expensive.

  • I don�t recommend the movies or action dates for first dates because there�s not much of an opportunity for uninterrupted conversation. You�ll be busy watching the movie or doing whatever the action is.

  • If you don�t have enough money to go out and dine, then anyplace where you can have some good conversation will do such as coffee dates. I�ve never taken a girl out for coffee on the first date, but I would if I didn�t have any money. Dining just gives me a better atmosphere to work my vocab skills.

  • NOTE: Good conversation is essential on the first date. It�s a test girl�s give you. If you�re smooth�you pass her test, you�re able to get a second date and/or there�s a chance the date continues back at her place or yours. If you act like a chump�you fail, the date ends right after you two are done eating and you�ll get rejected the next time you call and ask for another date.

Closing the call:

You: �Alright, I�ll pick you up at <time>�where do you live?�

  • After getting directions say: �Ok, I�ll be there <day of week> at <time>�good night�.

  • I recommend picking her up so it gives you a chance to work your game while in the car and so you can drive her home at the end of the date.

  • If she doesn�t want you to pick her up but instead wants to meet you at the date say: �I�ll tell you what�lets meet at my place and leave together so you don�t have to wait if I show up late�.

  • If all else fails, you have no choice but to meet her at the date. Show up a few minutes late and leave if she doesn�t show up within 20 minutes.

Playa Tips:

  • Don�t give her your number unless she asks.
  • Don�t call to confirm the date, just show up at her door. If she asks you to confirm, say you�ll call if you can�t make it.
  • Don�t answer the phone if she calls anytime before the date, make her leave a message.

Key Points:

  • Set up the first dates Sunday thru Thursday.

  • Try to set the dates within a few days of the call.

  • Try to schedule the dates during the evening. If she always works during the evening, then during the day would be your only choice.

  • Make sure to write down the time, date, and place in a calendar and on the paper you used to write down the directions to her place.

  • Be familiar with the place you plan on taking her and make reservations.


1) She says she�s busy and that she�ll call you back or asks you to call right back

  • You: �No I�ll just try calling you tomorrow ok�bye�.

  • Then don�t call her the next day, wait a few days to a week. This is meant to increase her interest level, let her know you�re not a chump, and that every one of your calls should be considered important.

  • If she says she�s busy the next time you call, she�s not interested. If she were really busy, she wouldn�t have picked up the phone.

2) She simply says she�s busy and doesn�t mention any call back

  • You: �Alright, I�ll try calling you tomorrow�bye�.

  • Don�t call her back she�s not interested

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Fats Caesar

Don Juan
posted 08-31-2001 06:54 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Fats Caesar   Click Here to Email Fats Caesar     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Forgive me if this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but say on this dinner date, is it appropriate for one to have like a disposable camera along for pictures or what have you? Or is this just nancy and silly?



posted 08-31-2001 07:47 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for syncmaster   Click Here to Email syncmaster     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I don't think you should bring a camera.

About going out to dinner as a first date. I dissagree, I think you should make the date very original so she'll remember you as standing out. Do something that is a lot of fun. Maybe it's because i'm comming at it from a different point of view (i'm young) but I wouldn't take a girl out to dinner on the first date.

Syncmaster signing out.
a.k.a ... Adam



posted 09-04-2001 11:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Pimpologist   Click Here to Email Pimpologist     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Caesar�don�t bring a camera or any other props with you. All that is needed is your game. Also don�t try to make the date �original� it�s just a fallacy�stick with what works, if it ain�t broke don�t fix it. Lunch or dinner always does the trick. Save the �original� idea for the next date.

I�m assuming you�re going for women who are18 or older, they love to go out to eat and talk. If you�re still in high school, it�s awkward to take girls out to eat so stick with mini-golf, arcades, get togethers at friend�s houses, etc.

Remember the purpose of the first date is for YOU to get to know HER. Yes, she�ll want to get to know you too but here�s the trick� �The more she thinks you know about her, the more she thinks she knows you�.

Also keep in mind that the first date is like any other first impression, you must make it as solid as possible. You must develop strong rapport right from the start to create a strong foundation for your future relations.

Make sure the rapport starts when you�re in the car or whenever you meet�and that it doesn�t stop until the end of the date. When you go on a date where you talk intermittently, the foundation and first impression is not as strong therefore it decreases your chances of getting the panties.

The length of the date will vary. You have to include the time it took to get there, the actual time you spend on the date, and the time it takes to drive back. Don�t rush the date and don�t linger�let it flow. If you both �click��there�s a good chance she�ll invite you to/into her place for a drink (or dessert).

And about kissing on the first date, I personally like to kiss on the first date usually when I drop her off.

This is what I say to set it up when I�ve walked her to her door.

Me: �So did you have a good time?� (while getting closer to her and looking in her eyes)

Her: �Yes�

Me: �I had a good time too�(then if all the signs are positive, I go for the kiss)

Tip: Master your approach so you�re able to get many numbers, and then use �The First Date Booty Call� technique. I find it works quite well on the 7�s and 8�s.



posted 09-05-2001 12:25 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for syncmaster   Click Here to Email syncmaster     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
7-8's heh... hell i'm going for 9's.
And my method works for hs people... you choose which works best for you.

Syncmaster signing out.
a.k.a ... Adam


hydroponically inclined

Master Don Juan
posted 09-05-2001 01:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for hydroponically inclined     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
LOL! I love seeing these pimpology 101's! They're like an idiot's guide to Pimpin'! LOL, I especially love the <insert variable here>

Uh, for high school. Stay with the basic stuff, donut shop, and friend's place to smoke a spliff! Lunch isn't bad if you can find somewhere private during lunch time.



Master Don Juan
posted 09-05-2001 03:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for RockandRoll!   Click Here to Email RockandRoll!     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
yes the pimpology series is a winner!



Master Don Juan
posted 09-06-2001 03:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Neophyte     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Good material or not ?

meant for the DJB?



Poosy Marauder

Master Don Juan
posted 09-09-2001 05:32 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Poosy Marauder     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Excellent piece of work.

Definate DJB material.



Don Juan
posted 09-21-2001 05:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for T-dog   Click Here to Email T-dog     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Truely two very good posts.



Master Don Juan
posted 09-21-2001 10:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for improvingdonjuan   Click Here to Email improvingdonjuan     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by Neophyte:
Good material or not ?

meant for the DJB?


in my opinion it is meant for the DJB. EXELENT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Confidence is the key to women



posted 09-25-2001 12:46 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Pimpologist   Click Here to Email Pimpologist     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey playas, I appreciate the thoughtful posts. As for these tips being in the bible, it doesn�t make a difference to me. It doesn�t make the tips any �better� just because they�re in the bible. Tips in the bible just give a general idea of what the site has to offer and the bible just makes it easier to access certain posts for beginning playas that haven�t looked through many posts yet.

Like I�ve said many times, everyone has differing DJ tactics for different situations. No matter how well a tip is explained or how many people agree with it, there will ALWAYS be people who disagree with it; that�s the inevitable nature of the game. It�s also an aspect of this site that makes it so unique.

I utilize all the tactics I give whether someone approves of them or not. The only approval I need lies within my personal experiences. The experiences will not lie�they give me the unbiased info I need to carry out the analysis of my techniques. I advise my entire DJ family to rely on their own experiences when judging the tactics discussed on this site.

Why do I give out pimpin info, some may ask? The main reason is that I want everybody in here to become experienced playas so that we can all benefit from each other�s heightened knowledge of the game.

Although there are many things to be learned from unskilled playas as well, such as learning from their mistakes�there�s only so much one can learn from that level. Learning and contributing from a higher level, the level of SUCCESSFUL experience, is the goal I strive to reach by empowering my fellow DJ�s with the tools needed to succeed.

I�d like to clear up some of the points of my post. If you�ve read my past posts, you�d know that my tips are meant as outlines to be adjusted to your personal style. My lessons don�t require that you say exactly what�s stated and what you say is not limited to those specific statements.

Although it is possible that you can apply my 4-step pick-up technique verbatim to any situation (part III needs slight adjustment when in a college environment), when you get used to picking-up numerous girls with the same script, you will naturally start fitting the approach to the situation you are already in and what you say will vary to some extent in every situation.

Mastering the 4-step approach is more than just memorizing the script; it�s about understanding it and using it as an outline. What do I mean by using it as an outline? It means that you don�t have to go immediately to part II from part I, or immediately to part III from II�etc.

For example, say you attempt a pick-up at a mall (outside the stores where there is ongoing walking traffic). After going through part I, you can say, �How�s your shopping going?�� �What are you shopping for?���How often do you shop?��etc. (I advise that you start walking with her in the direction she was walking while starting to run your game, it will make her more comfortable with you b/c it�s very awkward to just be standing there while everybody�s walking by).

Those questions are sure to spark her conversational juices. Then you can start with part II by asking where she�s from, if she likes it here, how long she�s been here�etc. Then you can start talking about shopping some more as well as �water the seeds� she gave you from your previous small talk questions.

You can continue with �How long you been here?���What store�s do you usually shop at?�� �What type of clothes do you usually like to buy?��etc. Then you can go into part III by asking what brings her to this city, keeps her in this city, what she does, where she goes/went to school�etc.

Follow the same process if you want in order to get into part IV. I usually jump right into part IV from III without the additional small talk and then get the number and head in a different direction in search of other girls to run the same type of game on.

For all you playas in college, here�s an example of using the approach as an outline on campus. Say you meet a girl on campus as you�re walking to class. After you go through part I, you can say, �What class are you about to go to?�� �How many classes are you taking this semester/quarter?�� �What�s your favorite class so far? How come?��etc. Then delve right into part II.

As you make your transition into part III, you won�t be asking her why she�s here b/c it�s obvious�she�s in the city b/c she goes to college here. You should ask her questions within the context of, �What�s your major?�� �What year are you?�� �How do you like this school?�� �What things are you involved in around campus?��etc. You can also �water the seeds� from your previous small talk questions.

Odds are she doesn�t work or has a part-time job since she�s in college. But it doesn�t hurt to ask. Then when you want to end the convo. and get the number, go into part IV. Also remember to walk with her to where she was walking, for the same reasons I stated in the mall pick-up example.

You should all have a good idea of what I mean by using my tips as an outline by now. The outline for this specific �date set-up tips� goes as follows: 1) Making the call 2) Beginning small talk 3) Asking her out 4) Closing the call.

The first part will go by fairly quickly, the second part should last 3-6 minutes, and the third and fourth parts will vary in time due to discussion, planning, directions and decision-making.

How is it that the second part will last 3-6 minutes with only three questions? As you should now know, it was an outline in which to base your small talk on. What you say depends on the situation you met her in, how long your initial convo. was, and what info was exchanged during the initial convo.

If you picked her up in a very time-constrained situation and didn�t have time to ask her all the questions you planned on asking her�now is the time to do it. Six minutes is plenty of time to exchange info.

However, if you were able to deal her the full wrath of your approach during the initial convo., then 3-4 minutes is all that�s needed. The small talk should reflect on the situation in which you met as well as the info she gave you about herself.

For example, say you are calling the girl you met at the mall in the previous example. You can start out with� �How have you been?�(the first question I recommended in the lesson)� then you can say, �How did your shopping go?�� �What things did you end up buying?��etc.

Then you can say, �How was your day?�(the second question I recommended)�then you can ask her about her work� �Did you work today?�� �What are your hours like?�� �Anything interesting happen at work today?��etc.

Then you can conclude with, �What you been up to lately?�(the third question I recommended)�then ask her questions about what she says she�s been doing and/or �water the seeds� from your previous small talk questions.

There seems to be some controversy over the location for a �first date�; that�s normal. On the one hand, no one wants to be like other guys�but on the other hand, everyone wants something that works.

I suggested lunch or dinner b/c those are the locations that have worked for me. I also suggested coffee as a less expensive option but I�ve never taken a girl out for coffee so I don�t know how effective it is. The coffee is high-priced anyways; I�d rather pay a few extra bucks and grab a bite to eat at someplace that I enjoy.

As for reservations, you should make them if you know that the place is usually busy and you would really like to go there. I�ve changed my view on making reservations�I don�t make them unless it�s a Friday or Saturday night (usually after I�ve gotten the panties), I now have 2-3 different options that are close in proximity just in case one of the places is too busy.

But as I said in my second post, if you master your approach you WILL be able to get more numbers than you can handle. When you have a multitude of numbers, you can make �first date booty calls�. My experiences with these are the following:

I get her to my place or I go to her place around 6:30p or so. Then we have a drink and talk for 20 minutes or so. If she gives me sexual vibes, I go for the kiss and attempt to hit the skins. If she�s not ready to give up the panties, I suggest that we go get something to eat.

And there you have it folks�you will either get the panties or the date will turn into a dinner date or both. The only difference is that she will be extremely comfortable with you and there is less pressure on you to make sure the date goes as planned.

Other girls I call up at around 9:45p and set up the booty call for the same night. These ones are guaranteed panties if she accepts b/c she knows why you want to get together that night. I�ve concentrated my tactics around both these types of booty calls and have rarely taken a girl out to eat before spending some time at one another�s place.

In my recent pimpological studies, I�ve noticed that women in their late twenties and early thirties seem to be less apt at accepting booty calls as first dates. They seem to want to get to know a guy a little bit more than the young wild ones. But trust me, the older women are just as wild�if not wilder. It�s true that a woman reaches her sexual peak in her late 20�s early 30�s.

[This message has been edited by Pimpologist (edited 02-21-2002).]


Dj Chase

Master Don Juan
posted 09-26-2001 01:56 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dj Chase     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
are you some kind of english major..

you can write forever at a time!


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