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Author Topic:   Becoming a True Don Juan

Master Don Juan
posted 09-26-2001 11:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for DJBedford     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sorry I hadn't posted in a while,busy making my 100th post!!! Woo hoo! Here it is!

Many people on this site were nerds at one point in life. It wasn�t fun, and I know from personal experience. The problem with most people seeking advice is that they expect to find a bunch of pick-up lines and techniques that they must memorize. This is true about most websites. This is not one of those websites�

As Pook put it so well in his previous post, Kill that Desperation (this is the first post of the DJ Bible, which I have studied extensively over the weekend)�

�Being a Don Juan is not a net sum of smooth maneuvers and methods but of your own outlook on the world and on women. ANYONE can memorize 'techniques', but FEW can change the way HOW they think.�

�A Don Juan is a state of mind, not a list of methods and tricks.�

This is truly the hardest challenge to becoming a true Don Juan. Changing the way you think so that it comes naturally.

First we�ll focus on your faults. Write them ALL down. Every single one you can think of. Now find a solution to each problem. Now get out there and fix those problems. So you�re a scrawny son of a b*tch. Solution: go work out three times a week. Don�t just write it out, go DO the things you wrote. If you give up, the problem is never going to be solved! Simple as that! If you want to gain more confidence, talk to at least three new people every week (preferably the chicks ). If you bail out because you�re afraid of rejection, you�ve already ruined it for yourself. You have rejected yourself. The problem is never going to be fixed this way and then we have all these assholes posting that the techniques never work. They complain that it is just too much work and that they still feel like losers. If you ever say it is too much work, you are the biggest f*ck*ng loser on the face of the earth. You must change this way of thinking. The only way this site will help you is if you apply the confidence boosters, attitude changers, and conversation tips to your everyday life. This website is all about helping yourself by using other�s experiences. If you do not apply any of these posts, articles, tips, and techniques to your life and learn from experience, then you�re right, these techniques WON�T work. Why? Because the only way to learn is through personal experience.

Now here are the basics to changing the way you think and becoming a more confident and successful individual with women.

  • Learn to love yourself
  • Respect yourself and you will gain the respect of others
  • Go gain some experience
  • Change your attitude towards women
  • Work on it until it comes naturally

In the end, a Don Juan isn�t just someone who attracts the ladies. It�s all about improving upon yourself. You�re not going to get anyone to like you if you don�t love yourself! Nobody�s going to respect you if you don�t show some respect for yourself! If you don�t get any experience, how are you ever going to learn what works and what doesn�t?! Nobody should ever be above you. You shouldn�t be after women; they should be the ones dying to be near you! If they reject you it�s their f*ck*ng loss DAMN IT! Don�t ever give a sh*t about what people think! You are not a f*ck*ng doormat that everybody�s going to walk all over! You are a human being and you deserve respect. Don�t put up with chicks who treat you like sh*t. You�re worth more than that. Once you�ve become a doormat, the chicks will see you as someone to take advantage of� you become the dreaded �nice guy��

�The KEY to killing desperation (and attracting crowds of
women) is to THINK and BELIEVE that you are The Great

�and nice guys always finish last.

Now being a nice guy isn�t bad, just don�t let it go too far. Once people start using you as a doormat, they won�t stop until you change your ways and learn to say NO! They will constantly disrespect you by using you, and they will continue to do so for the rest of your life until you lose that �nice guy� way of thinking. You often don�t realize it but people will test you every day! When a chick asks you to do something like throw a paper away for her, she is testing you to see if you will be useful to her. Now if her pencil falls under your desk, okay. That�s different. You can easily pick up the pencil and give it to her or at least kick it to her desk. But asking you for a dollar to buy herself a drink?! Asking you to throw a paper away just because she is too lazy (not to be confused with �too busy�) to throw it away herself?! Your time is just as precious as hers! Next time you are treated like her pawn by being asked to throw away her paper, get her a chair, etc. tell her with a cocky smirk on your face that she can manage. Remind her that you are very busy and cannot stop to do her work just because she doesn�t want to do it herself. Remember to actually have something to do though, you should ALWAYS have something to do. Not doing anything is a waste of time and people will think that you have no life. Bored on a weekend? Go running or ride your bike. Learn to play the guitar. Figure out a new trick on a skateboard. Do SOMETHING!

Now changing how you think can be pretty hard. It takes time, experience, and determination. You have to focus on what you�re trying to improve until it becomes natural. This is the key to changing how you think! Do it until it comes naturally! Once you�ve got it down you won�t think about it anymore! It�s like typing. First you have to look down at the keys, then you try it without looking, and once you�ve got the hang of it, you�re not even going to wonder about what key you need to press because it�ll all come naturally. Here�s another example: conversations. The hardest thing about conversing is actually having to listen. Listening is not a natural man thing. First you have to focus on what they�re saying and consciously look for clues as to what you may say to her next (�Those are some really interesting shoes. Where did you buy them?� �So you say you�ve lived in Florida? What�s it like over there?� or �I�ve been to Florida, it�s a really nice place. Did you check out any of the beaches?� etc., etc., etc�). Pretty soon listening will become a subconscious act. You�ll pick up on little clues to keep the conversation going naturally.

Another thing chicks love is a good sense of humor. If you don�t have any funny people in your family, chances are your sense humor is going to suck as well. Don�t lose hope though! If you want to brush up on you humor, go buy a comedy CD or video. Watch Comedy Central for a while. Watch it only if you think it�s funny. This�ll help you by learning some new jokes and you�ll also learn the art of timing. Timing what you say is what makes spontaneous humor so funny. Soon timing will come naturally! This applies to other things as well, what you put in is what will come out. The more humor listen to or watch, the funnier you�ll be. The more music you were exposed to as a child will determine if you will have any musical talent. The more books you read, the more extended your vocabulary. (I personally despise this tactic but an extended vocabulary makes you sound more intelligent and few words rarely used in a standard vocabulary can be used as a source for excellent humor. Did you notice how smart I sounded in that last sentence? Yeah, those were some big words.) No, Green Eggs and Ham does not count

Remember that High School is supposed to be a learning experience. Practice you DJ techniques on the chicks. You�ll pick up some bodacious babes along the way and once you figure out what works, you can apply it to the real world.

The secret to becoming a true Don Juan is to constantly improve yourself. The only way to do that is through experience. The only way to get some experience is to get your ass out of your that and go Don Juanisize them (thanks Antonio ).

So what are you waiting for? Get your ass out there and make us all proud!

Good luck soldier,
DJ Bedford

�You are THE MAN. You must be IN CHARGE. Desperate guys
will try to be 'nice' in every which way to win the girl (and fail,
of course). But Prince Charming and the Great Catch will
the goods, you realize that it is ridiculous to treat a
relationship and flirting as walking on eggshells. YOU set the
rules, NOT the other way around. After all, YOU are the prize
to be sought.�
--Yet another great quote by Pook.

~~~enjoy my 100th post. Just wait until I get to 200!



posted 09-27-2001 08:42 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lorenzo     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wow, Bedford, my long lost brother from a differen't mother, you've don it yet again!

Great post, and I really enjoyed your interpretations of pook's quotes, and how you related them to real-life. Happy 100th post day!

p.s. Oh ya, great emphasis(spelling?) on experience, how true it is(hell i'm gona go get some, later man)...

"The only thing certian in life, is that it will end in death" -Some Old Movie
"The only true knoledge, is knowing that you know nothing" -Socretes
"If ya' can't beat 'em, there not tied down hard enough!" -me and my friend, (all in fun)
"Guilt, my friend, is like a bag of fvcking bricks... all you have to do, is set 'em down" -Satan(played by Al Pachino in The Devil's Advocate)

[This message has been edited by Lorenzo (edited 09-27-2001).]



Master Don Juan
posted 09-27-2001 10:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for DJBedford     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hah, Pook is GOD!!

I've noticed you're turning into the next Pook dude! You've got some awesome posts out there. Chat with ya later brotha (from another mutha!)

Bedford DAMN IT!!



posted 09-28-2001 09:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for misunderstood??     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sweet post DJBedford. I think this should be in the bible or somethimng, it's very useful for everyone who visits these forums



Master Don Juan
posted 09-29-2001 12:04 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for DJBedford     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
A few things I left out...

Remember that High School is supposed to be a learning experience. Practice you DJ techniques on the chicks. You�ll pick up some bodacious babes along the way and once you figure out what works, you can apply it to the real world.

Experiment with the chicks but use common sense. Don't do something stupid like whipping out your d*ck around some chicks to see what kind of reaction you'll get. Just toy around with them to sharpen your techniques.

Another thing, to be a DJ, you have to pretend like you are not attracted to any chicks. You don't hate them, you're just not attracted to them. Don't let them know you are attracted to them first. That's why most chicks attracted to you are chicks you weren�t attracted to in the first place.

Last but not least, the process of changing your mind:

  1. Forget about the chicks until you've changed
  2. Focus on what you're trying to change
  3. Find out a way to change this way of thinking
  4. Go do what you said you would do (gain some experience)
  5. Concentrate on what you are trying to change as you gain that experience
  6. Concentrate less and less on what you are trying to do (concentrate only when you notice that you're not doing what you said you would do)
  7. Go on a macking spree once whatever you are trying to do comes naturally to you.

Now here's an example. Your conversation skills suck...
Solution: talk to more people.
As your talking to someone concentrate on what you are doing. Don't do what you always do (suck at conversing), do what you are trying to change (talk to more people, listen more closely, gaze deep into people�s eyes as you talk to them, listen for clues that�ll keep the conversation going, etc.).
Concentrate less and less on what you are trying to change. It'll start to come naturally anyway. Just don't lose it! When you start losing it, start concentrating on your techniques again. This makes training harder and you�ll start to get results.
Finally, go on a macking spree! Conversing should come naturally to you at this point.

Enjoy the results!

"For success, ATTITUDE is as important as important as ABILITY"

"the only way to get over getting your ass kicked is to kick ass"--me

"The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable"--some stupid internet error message

---have a nice day.



posted 09-29-2001 10:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for syncmaster     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
EXCELLENT post. That's exactly what i've been working on latley, setting goals.
Well, since I think that this could apply to everyone. And i'd eventually like to see it in the Dj bible (because it's more then good enough).
I'm going to move this to tips.

Syncmaster signing out.
a.k.a ... Adam


oNe LoVe

Don Juan
posted 09-29-2001 02:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for oNe LoVe     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Great Post DJBedford!

Anyone wanting more info on how to change your attitude and install new ways of thinking to improve confidence and style should read Anthony Robbins "Awaken the Giant within". It teaches you how to FOCUS and how to use your PHYSIOLOGY in acquiring confident attitudes. Its also great in teaching you how to eliminate Limiting Beleifs (such as "I can't succeed with women etc...)and acquire new EMPOWERING BELEIFS (such as "I'm a Master DJ!"). I've started reading it and I find it invaluable......any of you read it?

oNe LoVe



Master Don Juan
posted 10-01-2001 09:19 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for DJBedford     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I�ve never read that book, I'm gonna have to check it out.

It's good to use everything we can to our advantage. Books, CD's, videos, magazines, WHATEVER! Soon all of the little things will pile up into this huge sh*tload of confidence boosters, attitude changers, and seduction techniques. But you must remember that all of these things will pile up into nothing more than a useless pile of sh*t unless you put all of this knowledge into good use.

Only then will this pile of sh*t become a mountain of gold!

Like Adam said, setting goals is very important on your quest to becoming a Don Juan. Women love ambition. You must set your goals, find out how to achieve them, and follow those dreams with a vengeance. Always have something challenging to do. Once you have conquered that challenge, it'll be much easier to conquer it next time. Once it is no longer a challenge, move on to something tougher. Every time you conquer a challenge you�ll receive a huge boost of confidence and self-esteem. It's not wrong to fail every once in a while. If you fail, get over it, move on, don't let a rejection or a failure keep you from succeeding in life. Pretty soon, you'll start to develop immunity to failure. If a chick rejects you, it'll hurt the first time. Just find out what you did wrong, fix the problem, and then try again. This is how you fine-tune your Don Juan skills. Next time you are rejected, it'll hurt a little bit less than the last time. After a few times, rejection won't hurt as much and you won't be as afraid of rejection. This will make you more confident and you will be less likely to be rejected the next time.

Taking risky challenges will boost your confidence and I'd have to say that the biggest challenge to overcome (especially to those still in the process of becoming a Don Juan) is talking to women. You realize that the only way to get over that is to just do it, right? Talk to people. If you talk to the chicks many of the �weaker� guys will want to find out how you do all that Don Juanizising (love that word Antonio!). That�s how you become the Alpha Male of your own clique. It won't seem like you are improving at first but after some time(about a month) you�ll notice that you won�t be as shy as you used to be, you�ll have more fun at parties, you�ll approach people easily, but you must remember constantly improve upon yourself by learning new techniques and mastering the ones you already know. Remember, you are improving and these techniques will work! It just takes time! That feeling that these techniques are not working is just that you know you haven�t reached your full potential yet, but don�t give up! It will all come with time and experience.

The greater the risk, the greater your rewards will be.

Later, I've got some challenges to conquer (like this geometry homework! ahhhhh!!)


"For success, ATTITUDE is as important as important as ABILITY"

"the only way to get over getting your ass kicked is to kick ass"--me

"The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable"--some stupid internet error message

---have a nice day.

[This message has been edited by DJBedford (edited 10-01-2001).]



Master Don Juan
posted 11-03-2001 04:20 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Neophyte     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Great post.




Don Juan
posted 08-04-2002 05:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Squy     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
lemme give this a bump


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