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Author Topic:   evil ways

Master Don Juan
posted 12-25-2001 02:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for stockholder     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is ONLY FOR people (not only for women often referred to as b!tches) who want extraordinary treatment. You want to become a jerk, not an ******* . (It takes one to know one.)

Don�t get too emotional with a female. Falling in love is stupid because it is putting your own life in someone else�s hands. The life that you mom and dad have worked years to build and then you yourself have build primarily. You cannot put all that in someone else�s hands. There is no excuse for that.

Be open and precise to women. This is a show of confidence and it�s a way of saying that you don�t take bull****. Your emotions, your past, your weaknesses, your feelings (the emotional perception of events,) your fears should stay hidden. That way nobody will know what to expect from you which will eventually lead to people underestimating you and getting crushed or beaten up.

Want to get stimulated to get laid often? First start with writing down every woman you have had sex with and count them. Keep score and try to obsessively increase the score. Of those women you�ve ****ed write down the things that made them lose control plus the things that made them think you were cool. Don�t worry you will very likely not forget the times you have actually made love. Don�t write those down. Those are only for you only. For your emotional side that only you know about.

Always keep your intentions hidden till you�ve achieved your goal. Or else she may not like your idea. When you get caught; lie, act like nothing has happened but if it doesn�t help just use all you know about her against her and if everything goes wrong walk away without ever saying a thing. Don�t fall in love.

When she is talking to a guy and you want to talk to her and the guy has a comment do not let him walk over you. Say something like �Take a walk� or �Go ride a bike� or �Get some fresh air man� or just �**** off.� He doesn�t want to go? Grab him by the neck and make pull him up and push him an arm-length away to let him know that he has to go now.

Do not let people treat you with disrespect even if it this behaviour suddenly miraculously turns into a joke (because they see that you�ve gotten pissed.) Always stay serious in these cases till the end. Make them look away first.

When they don�t like your attitude and still want to stay rude just increase the intensity of your anger (you don�t actually have to be angry for this. Just be a good actor.)

Don�t touch until the other has touched you. (in a fight)

Make clear that you do not like to be touched by people who you don�t want you to touch.

If he doesn�t let go and you know that he isn�t probably going to strike you then step on his foot.

In these situations always stay cool. Like nothing can harm you. In fact nothing can. You can be beaten up but remember what Tyler Durden did with the mafia guy in �Fight Club?� Pyschology. His body was pretty beaten up but it�s about the mind.

When things really go wrong, imagine that you are the strongest man in the world. Never ever try think about how fast, slow, strong, weak, smart or smart your opponent is. For you it�s only about you. When things go even more wrong act like a pyscho. Laugh but never show that it hurts. People, even the craziest (and even police officers) are afraid of maniacs. You be one (good acting again) and you can make them polish your boots.

Never become civilised. Even wearing a suit be yourself, direct and aggressive. It doesn�t matter where you are wether it is Buckingham Palace or a striptease-joint. Stupid mother****ers are everywhere to be found. That�s why you are allowed to **** them everywhere. Just don�t fight everywhere. Being aggressive doesn�t mean being stupid. You can be highly classed, very intelligent, patient, slow and still be aggressive. Agressiveness exists in many forms that you have to explore for yourself. Even Bill Gates is aggressive or else he would have never come up with an outdated operating system that commercially succesful.

People try to be tough. I guess it�s the nineties crap they have read from magazines in which was told that being bad to people is cool. They have to think again because they are bad, tough and mean but you (yourself) are the worst mother****er in the whole world. Nothing can or will ever break you. Not even when you are low on confidence for a period of time. Never stay silent and always crush the fvck out of them. Even when you don�t feel like doing that.
Talk openly about sex with a girl and laugh about it. Whatever you want to talk about as long it is not a boring conversation. Bring some humor in it.

Be alone every once in a while and evaluate what you�ve accomplished and look at your weaknesses (you will not have much of them) and erase them from existence but never erase them from your memory.
Never worry about anything. Because when you stress you body makes cortison and that molecule screws your recollection-abilities. You get a black-out. So do not stress.

Start working out and keep on doing it your whole ****ing life. Busy period? Do something about it and start working out again regularly. Keep your brain active so that you stay alert and smart all the time. No mother****er can ever harm you then. You will think of everything and say �I guessed she would have done that� and be prepared. Looking at options isn�t paranoia. If the CIA would have known about 11 september 2001 and told the people about what was going to happen to the city of New York and Washington D.C. many people would have thought the agency was being paranoid. But even impossible things happen.

Beware of manipulative women. Because their actions are taken more personaly. Just fvck their mind and attitude. Better yet screw her literally and ditch the b!tch. Seduce her.

Never ever loosen up. There is always an unstoppable number of jerks out there waiting to crush you the moment you don�t pay attention. It doesn�t have to be personal.

If you get approached by an angry person (who�s just interested in crushing his/her problems on your head) crush him/her no matter what. But don�t say something wrong to people who have recently lost someone. They don�t know any better. You�ll beat them up if they keep giving you that bull**** behaviour.

If you get depressed integrate that pissed off behaviour in your personality. It will make you avoid doing things you may one day regret.

Stay friendly at first until that moment you get the idea people are being rude to you. Do not forgive till they�ve apologized. Screw them.

Learn about everything (practical as well as theoretical) you can. Knowledge is power and can be used to screw with people's minds.

Most Don Juan skills are pure forms of manipulations. Go out there in the field and test everything (even the most stupid things.) You can test them at places where people don't know you; this will make things easier for starters.
Having a conscience is only good in life and death matters and is the most fundamental handicap a Don Juan can have. So learn to shut it off.

Go for all the money, health and power you can get. Don't be criminal. That's just stupid.

Lie, lie and lie again and again whenever you need it.

Don't get influenced by some people�s moral values. Fvck his/her values.

Evil gives more efficient and more focussed power to a person. Love is for people who are idealists. They usually lose the first time and that�s enough.

Don't assume, know for sure.

Treat only those people nice who deserve it. There are very few on this planet.

Use your common sense and don't believe that there is a magical solution like a formula that will solve all your problems. Believing in God is only good for inner peace (evil can be in peace too. ) God or the universe as I call it won't help you if you sit on your ass and wait for the solutions to come. Don Juanism and everything else in life must be learned through very hard work. That's the magical formula to every problem you have.

Depressed or in love? You are in control of your mind. Your mind isn't in control over you. Your mind is weaker than your spiritual essence and you can beat every psychological problem. Just be stubborn.

There is nothing wrong with romance. It is just a method of your thoughts to create a different reality than the one which you are in.

Stay angry.

Do not tolerate people who are wrong to you. You are the most important person in your existence.

Save yourself first. Only then you can save others.

Make a lot of friends but stay evil.

We humans are complex creatures. We can�t always be nice. There are people who cross our borders and project their stupid behaviour onto us to make us become unhappy and lose control over ourselves. Those people need to be stopped because most people can only kill if they become the monster themselves.

Suppl #1: How to be a Jerk! by stockholder.

1. You get the idea that you're being watched? Look around you. You'll see that nobody is watching you. If anyone does you look him/her straight in the eye. I'll bet they'll look away. If they still watch you go and ask if you can help them with anything. They'll definitely stop watching you now. If someone is watching you can start doing crazy things. Like making licking movements toward him/her. This'll scare them off (or get you beaten up, but hey you are a jerk so you don�t give a **** about it.)

2. Being real; You have to check if the door is closed like for fifty times after you leave the house? Be real man! Checking twice enough. Think scientifically. Or statistically or something but please stop checking the door, the oven, your hair, the cardoor, your girlfriend who's talking to someone you don't know. Don't check too many times. Got problems with that? Then pray (as in faith) that nothing goes wrong but leave it alone. (krd said it was called obsessive compulsive disorder.)

3. Do you fear that you'll die alone? So stop sitting around and make as many friends as you can. Stop doing things alone. Invite someone. Off course we all need to be alone now and then but don't push the limits of being alone.

4. Still don't believe that you are not being watched? How important do you think you are? Not that much. If there is a city square where a lot people sit. You go and walk through it. Stop in the middle of the square and look around for a while. If there are people watching; you read line 1 of this article.

5. Someone is practically begging you to do something you don't want to? Say "No" If she/he is a real friend he/she will forgive you for it. If she/he will not forgive you;let him/her walk to hell. Don't do anything you do not want to do.

6. Tricks; don�t fall for them. Plus things that change peoples behaviour;
6a. People use compliments which are out of context. Like someone saying you have a beautiful name when she/he needs something done. Don�t get soft!
6b. Wearing different clothes makes you do different things, this is like how prostitutes can do their jobs. Or nude models who are shy at first.
6c. Other names make you do other things than usual. Like when someone calls you "Tiger" or "Kermit". Which one will make you do something confident?
6d. Different places make you act different. Why the hell would you spend twice the amount of money on something on a cruiseship that you wouldn't have bought were you in your normal surroundings?
6e. Scents. The smell of chocolate makes you work harder. The smell of your own sweat (or your girl�s) makes you want to fvck.
6f. Music. The soundtrack of "Speed" will make you feel and act like a hero. The soundtrack of "Star Wars" will make the universe feel bigger than it seems. Rave music will make you feel rotten and a-social.
6g. Money.$19.99 looks and sounds cheaper than $20.
6h. Women will touch you and say sweet things to get something done. Say "No" till they offer sex.
6i. Alcohol: it will make you say and do crazy things� like promising something stupid. Practice with a lot of drinks if you want to learn to control yourself to some extend while you�re drunk. Don�t get Korsakov while doing this. Never drink moonshine unless you want to become a blind and impotent jerk.
6j. People will believe anything that looks and sounds professional. It doesn�t have to be logical to be credible.
6k. Cold water makes women want to pee. I hope you can use this to your benefit some day.
6l. All tricks can be adjusted to your needs. So go ahead and help yourself.

7. Can't resist touching a nice ass? Do it. Most women won't even slap you because they feel like being watched themselves�and slapping would be embarassing wouldn't it. If they slap anyway well I won't take the responsibility because you can take care of yourself don't you? Look out for angry boyfriends.

8. Don't ever tell a girl that you want to be friends with her. She'll never believe it or if she will then someone else will tell her that men are pigs and only think about sex. So you want to be her friend? Then use all the seduction techniques perfectly. It'll be great practice. You can always decide when or if she'll be a friend.

9. When you've just cheated on your girlfriend and you still have women's perfume on you go to a store where you can buy women's perfume and try some stuff on yourself (you know as a gift.) Too much on the wrists and accidentally on your clothes and nobody will notice what you have around your neck.

10 Two forms of sexual manipulation;
10a. Wear tight jeans (pants.) I�ve noticed that when I work (I�m a waiter in a youth-caf�) with tight jeans on I get touched more on the butt than when I�m in wide pants.
10b. When your skin is red because of a too hot shower just leave it that way and don't be ashamed because red skin also stands sexual arousal. Washing with cold water after bath or shower makes your skin, lips and face red.

11. Threaten people if they don't do what you want. Not like:"I'm gonna kill you" but the eyecontact (no flinching, straight look) kind of way. Not talking helps too. Paradoxical??? Does Boba Fett say too much? Or Michael Myers? Not like Freddy Krueger. Doesn't matter how scary he looks he turns into a comedian the moment he talks too much.

12. Women are insecure about many things (look at your mothers.) These things can be used to manipulate them.

13. When women talk too much put on your headphones and listen to music. That'll teach her.

14. Lying;
14a. If people ask you a question you don't want to answer ask something back without answering. Like;
Jane:"Do you cheat on me?"
You:"What do you think of as cheating?" or
You:"Would I do that to you?"
These counter-questions have delayed the requested answer just for a little while. I hope you can get yourself out of this. Takes a little practice
14b. Bend the truth. Like;
Her:"Were you drunk yesterday? My fiends told me you acted like a jerk"
You:"Me, no I wasn't drunk yesterday (you�re thinking; not before 12 am)"
You are not lying but you're just bending the truth.

15. When you're almost asleep start saying things like "I am confident! I am the man! I am attractive!" Repeat it when you wake up.

16. Remember the only one watching you is your conscience. You can shut it off. Or adjust it.

17. Don't ever remember a girl's birthday before you really know her. I did once. I was just talking with a girl when I told her her birthday. I'm a talent with remembering numbers so I told her the exact date and man� she thought that was so scary. I explained her I have this thing with numbers (I summed up PI in 9 decimals and lightspeed in vacuum in 3 decimals. I was thinkin' about summing up the electron charge and that sort of stuff) but it didn't help although she said it was okay. I learned something very valuable. If you don't know a girl close enough don't remember her birthday. How can you score anyway???? Just remember the (little) things she has told you and let her now you've listened the previous times. I didn't argue because I had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol.
One mistake I've made as well is that I always buy a drink for (ex-)colleagues no matter who. One girl I asked didn't want to drink. She must have thought I was trying to seduce her. Now I won't even offer her drinkingwater in a desert. Not any girl. Too bad. They have money too. Let them buy it first.

18. In case psychological warfare doesn't work; If a girl hits you first when you argue just hit her back. Warn her first. Say "If you hit me I'll hit you back" and really hit her if she hits you first. No one has the right to hit you unless you give them permission like in a boxing match or something. How do you deal with a (big) guy? A universal rule: don�t underestimate your opponent. Better yet don�t think about him at all. If he has already hit you; you just strike back. If you haven�t been hit yet; in the same way as with the girl but much more intense; warn him and do what you've told you would do. Don�t ever bluff. Just hit him and run away or something but don't give him the opportunity to crush you. Kick his balls. His throat is sensitive but be careful with the throat. You don't want to take his life away. The place where the ribs end is sensitive and can be punched with a nice fist to take his breath away. Crush his foot. Twist his arm and hand. A strong blow in the stomach is the safest way though. Don't wait until he gains strength, keep controlling him and delay his actions by hitting him. I don't want you to fight but it helps your confidence if you know (just knowing helps too) how to deal with big guys. I've never had a fight but lessons in aikido and aiki-jitsu helped me to get in touch with my own vulnerability. I can fight now but I'd rather talk like a lawyer and beat my opponent with that. Why hit girls ??? Why should girls hit you ??? It will start with hitting you and end with a scissor between your legs. Show that you do not (in no way) tolerate people hitting you. You give them a finger and they will take your hand.

19. Be a jerk but don't push it. I mean if you don't get up for the girl in the bus please do stand up for the old lady.

20. How to be a jerk by being a nice guy? The best things in life hurt more than the bad things. They hurt but are pleasant things. What do I mean ? Like having a chat with an old person on the park bench will probably make your girlfriend want to cry. Or playing with children. There are many good things that you can do but you've got to believe in what you do. You have to do the good thing not for you but for the person you do it for and really believe you're doing for the other person. A selfless act. Why should you be a jerk by doing this? Well if you can't remember your girlfriend's birthday you are a jerk but by doing a good thing you're even a bigger jerk because you are unpredictable and there is a very nice person in you who can't be given up. Try to balance everything.

21. See a crippled person who does not treat you in the right fashion? Just tell them. Just because they are in a wheelchair or something doesn't mean they can be arrogant to you. No way feel sorry for them. That's up to them. It's not your business.

22. Emotional manipulation (not necessarily jerk-material.);
questions like: "Have you eaten?" "How are you feeling?" "How's your mom doing?" score high.

23. In movies they (the "cool" guy) say "I don't deserve you" or "I can't live without you." Bullsh*t. Only weak guys say this. You just say (if it's necessary) "Oh sweetie I can live without you but it would be different (you thinking: �maybe even better.�)

24. Learn about pokerfaces. Watch Richard Donner's "Maverick" with Mel Gibson.You'll learn something about facial expressions.

25. Hang around with the guys who are good at seducing. This will accelerate your evolutionprocess. It has something to do with being in a morphogenetic field. Further reading: Rupert Sheldrake's books. It also explains why people can sense someone looking at them. There is even scientific evidence for this paranormal phenomenon.

Suppl #2: Being Fox Mulder.

How to gain Confidence

1. Listen to everyone. Just don�t even care if they�re boring or not.

2. Leave your house in clean shape. Stay clean inside too.

3. Respect your parents. However sometimes they�re also full of crap.

4. Don�t have an opinion about people until you have sufficient information about them. The nerd may become your baseball-friend one day.

5. Have a goal. It will drive you and give you purpose. No matter how simple that goal is.

6. Have eye-contact with all people: in different forms. When you�re walking through a crowded place all you have to do is look them in the eye (and think �go aside�) and they will go out of your way. Do it quite often so that you don�t forget the things I�ve learned. It is also practice to evolve your skills. Look and smile to women to make them happy, even if it is for a very brief period.

7. Joke about your flaws. Try to eliminate them at the same time. That�s also how George W. Bush got many people behind him.

8. Learn from everyone and everything. Read women�s magazines and websites to learn how they think. Try to learn about and from everything. Like making cocktails, dancing, making jokes, coping with people who you a hard time. Learn how to protect yourself by observing animals (how wushu was developed.) Observe plants to learn how they grow. You may need the knowledge some day.

9. Everyone is a human being. We can all die on a cherry that gets stuck in our throats. So don�t fear the bodybuilder. Women have their monthly problems. Be open about it. If you can�t get an erection for once it�s no big deal. You�re human.

10. Don�t be afraid of making mistakes. It is an efficient form of education.

11. Do your best in bed. Word will spread among the female population that you are a sexgod.

12. Learn what women like. Usually that is; icecream (preferably chocolate flavour), soft stuff, a guy with charisma and good sex. Not every woman is the same so learn a wide variety of things that women like. Eating, lovemaking, places to go. Women are complex beings so do your best to learn the things they like.

13. Never trust anyone with important things.

14. Be crazy and enjoy it.You can beat anyone by being crazy. Oh but also show that your common sense outweighs your crazy side.

15. Walk straight.

16. If anti-confidence builds up; listen to music that makes you feel better. Maybe that is house music or hardrock. Blues is manly music. And� music like American Woman (The Guess Who), The Darth Vader Theme (John Williams (Star Wars episodes V and VI soundtrack,)) O Fortuna (Carl Orff) work fine. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett do well.

17. Absolute confidence boost to a heterosexual male: Get to learn all the prettiest women in the neighborhood. Watch the guys when you say �Hi� to her. So be surrounded by pretty girls. As you know many of them are feeling so lonely they�ll never admit it. Even the ones with boyfriends.

18. Shut up and leave the girl alone when you are drunk.

19. Have kleenex, mints, a lighter (those cool metallic ones or an original one) and money on you.

20. Learn how to read someone�s face. There are a lot of books about it.

21. Accept your fettish sides. You can be turned on by leather clothing, urinating women, ordinary underwear instead of sexy lingery. YOU ARE HUMAN. However sex with the too young or having thoughts about it IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

22. Having nothing to lose. Do not have addictions. But things like using medicines and wearing glasses must be accepted.

23. Remember that sometimes the best response is to say nothing at all. Also very good to irritate.

24. Observe and learn what people�s fears and weak spots are. It will make you feel you are not
that different from them. You also would have the proper knowledge to beat them in a

25. Believe in what you are doing. Even if you�ve made a mistake.

26. A little quantumphysics:
You are the man. If you would not have been born then the universe wouldn�t have existed. Think about Schrodinger�s Cat. The universe both exists and not exists before birth. When you get born the universe exists. When you would not have been born the universe would not have existed. The universe how you know it only exists for you.

27. Be full of sarcasm. Be romantic. Be an idiot. Be loving. Be crazy. Be romantic. Live life to fullest. Spend much time with old people who love you. Don�t be sorry about anything. Explore your body (there could be a world champion breakdancer in you.) In short be unpredictable and make your life fun to live.

28. Talk with different types of humans. Have friends (no need to be best friends) among different types.

29. Be ready to adapt to everything. Your life can suddenly change into a nightmare. Don�t be pessimistic about it. It is inprobable that it will become a nightmare.

Clint Eastwood:
�Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.�

There was a broken link in the Don Juan Bible and a chaotic article I wrote under the name foxmulder (don't use it anymore.) Both are in better form. The first part is new material.

a.k.a. bartender



Master Don Juan
posted 12-25-2001 02:17 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for stockholder     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
be unpredictable in a positive way. It makes your own life (and the life of the person you're sharing it with) more exciting and fun. No jerk, bad guy, criminal and ass.hole can match up to this quality of you.

Expect more supplements.

a.k.a. bartender



posted 12-25-2001 02:47 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for stuartSan     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Nice. Must've took hours to write this long post.

i'd rather die than give you control



Master Don Juan
posted 12-25-2001 10:30 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for IntermediateDonJuaner     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
So you wanna make a post that talks about jerks. Let me recommend an ebook that will teach you how to be a jerk. I will put a downloadable copy here for everyone to read it. It's free!




Master Don Juan
posted 12-25-2001 11:12 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for stockholder     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Only the first part is new. The last two are edited and repost because they were outdated and one had a broken link.

I can hardly wait for that ebook.



Master Don Juan
posted 12-31-2001 08:25 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lordclem*     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
stockholder that was some cool sh!t i loved it.all this should be in the dj bible.
well done
there will be a kingdom for you when i rule the world



Don Juan
posted 01-28-2002 01:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for kickman72     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

The only certainty is uncertainty.



Master Don Juan
posted 01-28-2002 02:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for bob2007     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
man that was long, but good. i say its bible quality.

to me it seemed like a fight club kinda mentality, i hated the movie, too psychological and long, but the ideas are good.

a little too much fighting for the real world - people have knives and guns these days u know? and to pick a fight with a stranger in which u are the one staring at is quite unreasonable



Master Don Juan
posted 03-24-2002 03:36 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Mark     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
He is one of the real Masters here.

This is fvcking awesome.

You are like Stifler, Ozzie and Jim all in one. (American Pie)



Master Don Juan
posted 03-25-2002 07:25 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indy     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Excellent post bartender, I took a printout of it

Dunno how I missed it before...

Lots of great stuff, and a lot of it is reaffiming what we already know. Its great to have it all in one place now. I shall read it often.

Thanks for posting it, and thanks for bumping it Mark.

"We are what and where we are because we have first imagined it." -- Donald Curtis

"We first make our habits, then our habits make us." --John Dryden

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance." --Bruce Barton

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." --Anthony Robbins



Master Don Juan
posted 03-29-2002 03:25 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for bartender     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by indy:
Excellent post bartender, I took a printout of it

Dunno how I missed it before...

Lots of great stuff, and a lot of it is reaffiming what we already know. Its great to have it all in one place now. I shall read it often.

Thanks for posting it, and thanks for bumping it Mark.

No thanks.

[This message has been edited by bartender (edited 03-29-2002).]



Master Don Juan
posted 08-24-2002 06:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Squy     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$__________$$$__$$$$_______________$$$$$$$$_______ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$________$$$$__$$$$___________$$$_$$$$$$$$$$_____ $$_$$$____$$$$$_$$$$________$$$$__$$$$__________$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$____ __$$$$_____$$$$_$$$$_______$$$$___$$$$_________$$$$$__$$$$_$$$$$$___ _$$$$$___$$$$$__$$$$_______$$$$___$$$$$______$$$$$$$__$$$$___$$$$$__ _$$$$__$$$$$____$$$$_______$$$$__$$$$$$_____$$$$$$$___$$$$____$$$$__ _$$$$$$$$$______$$$$______$$$$___$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$___$$$_____$$$$__ $$$$$$$_________$$$$______$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$___$$$$_____$$$$__ $$$$$$$_________$$$$_____$$$$____$$$_$$$$$$$___$$$___$$$$____$$$$___ $$$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$_____$$$$____$$$___$$$____$$$$___$$$___$$$$$$___ _$$$_$$$$$$$$___$$$$____$$$$$____$$$__________$$$____$$$$$$$$$$_____ _$$$_____$$$$$___$$$$__$$$$$$____$$$__________$$$___$$$$$$$_________ _$$$____$$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$__________$$$__$$$$_____________ _$$$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$_$$$$___$$$__________$$$____$$$_____________ $$$$$$$$$$$________$$$___$$$$___$$$__________$$_____$$$$____________ $$$$$$$_____________________________________________$$$$____________ _$$_________________________________________________$$$_____________ ____________________________________________________________________

One word: HOLYDAMN!!!!!!!!



Don Juan
posted 08-24-2002 08:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for zinc     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
People do have knives and guns. You're not staring at people for no reason, you STARE BACK. I'm not saying I have some super-confidence, but in principle, that's what you should do if you want to go ALPHA male... if you worry he has a knife, then he may well think the same about you.

That said, you should always be careful, preferably don't go staring people out in rough areas, especially if they're liable to have a lot of mates. Getting beat up isn't the end of the world but getting put into hospital (is bad) or killed is.

Anyway, regarding everything else: great post.



Don Juan
posted 08-25-2002 01:15 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for diplomatic_lies     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yeah, try not to pick too many fights. I've and seen some of my "nice" friends put people into hospital just because they were acting too tough (the hospitalised people, that is)


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