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Shaving Tips

Shaving is important, but it can be a hated, time-consuming, often painful event. So I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for Shaving Tips that they have discovered which they feel might be of some benefit to their fellow Don Juans. This is what they had to say.

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I found the Mach III by Gillette to be the best razor I ever used. The replaceable razors are a little expensive but they last a lot longer then your average disposable.

First, wash your face with warm water.

Apply a layer of basic moisturizer such as sorbolene cream, etc.

Apply a decent quality shaving cream.

Now use a good quality razor. I prefer Gillette Sensor.


Once finished I usually have a shower. Upon beginning to shower I apply a moisturizer containing Aloe Vera to my face and leave it on while I wash other parts of my body. Then rinse off and emerge from the shower clean, fresh and ready to take on a new day

In response to your shaving question, I have to say that the Mach 3 by Gillette is hands down the best razor I've ever used, and I've used a lot. This thing gives a great shave without me putting a lot of pressure on it, resulting in fewer nicks. I highly recommend it to all of my fellow DJ's. This worthy blade, along with a generous helping of edge shaving cream, makes my daily shave a simple task rather than a major ordeal.

The best razor I've ever used was the Sharper Image Electric Mach III Dynablade Turbogrip. The Mach III itself is the best blade I've ever used, and when you give it a 8,000 RPM vibration, it becomes amazing. (I didn't make up that number, it's actually 8,000!) I never never cut myself and my face is absolutely smooth. The razor itself takes most any single, double, or triple blade. I have even shaved dry with this thing.

Ocassionally (like right now) they come up on www.sharperimage.com�s auction site, and instead of $39 it costs $12. It's just as perfect for women as for men. (You can get the large-handled kind. I used to always use a lady razor on my face just because I liked large handled razors. Now I use this puppy.) My first one broke at one point, and Sharper Image replaced it instantly (even though I bought it at their auction) and refunded all my money. Cool.

Gillette Match 3 is the best razor for you Don Juan. Just try it.

For the best result I basically do 3 things: use hot water for opening up the pores of your face before shaving (2-3 minutes), shave before the shower, and use a 3 blade razor. Why shave before going into the shower? Well, if you cut yourself during your shave, which happens almost every time, it seems that the bleeding will stop while showering and leave you with a clean blood free face (unless it's a major cut). Worked wonders for me.

Alright lads, here's Ken's tips on shaving.

1) Throw away that DISPOSABLE RAZOR once in awhile. Nothing's more cheap than still using that free razor you stole from your room mate when you moved in 6 months ago. Razors only stay sharp for about a week.

2) Don't use hot water to rinse off your blades when you are shaving. Heat makes metal expand and warp. Use Cold water and your blades will contract a bit making the blade tighter and sharper.

3) Water down your shaving cream. A slick face is easer to cut. Also wet your face before you lather.

4) Shave after your shower. Your face is easier to shave when your stubble is softened by soap, hot water and residual shampoo and conditioner.

5) NEVER, NEVER....I MEAN NEVER LET YOUR WOMAN SHAVE YOUR FACE! You will miss that nose long after she's gone. It may sound romantic but those of you who need a lesson in reality, catch "The Color Purple" with Whoopie Goldburg. The cold steel in her hand as Danny Glover sits down for his morning shave.

When shaving the jaw line and neck instead of stretching the neck which pushes the follicles far out draw your chin in. By pushing the follicles out when you have finished shaving the follicles draw back in to their relaxed position, this leads to ingrowing hairs and much irritation. By adopting an over relaxed stance the blades will work more efficiently although the shave may not be nerve-tinglingly close.

Against the grain or with it? All hairs grow in different directions, so you have to cover all angles. As my Dad pointed out groundskeepers always mow football fields and cricket pitches in numerous directions to get the perfect cut.

Watch Boots as well, they had Seymour Powell [the eminent industrial designers who have re-designed the bra for women] design a razor for them. The functionality is amazing and if it goes into production will be the best shave ever - a wet/electric hybrid that uses inkjet technology to spray lubricant ahead of the the subharmonic cutting blades. And when the lubricant runs out it tells you when to change the blades. Harass Boots with emails to guarantee the best shave ever!

I don't agree with most of you that the Mach 3 is the best. For my face, the Gillette Excel does a much better job especially on the next. I also find the blades outlast the Mach 3. I just find it too bulky to shave with.