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Are You Chasing Women That Are Not Interested?

by Huisy

Iíve seen many witty responses to a womanís "I have a boyfriend" line. A lot of them are quite clever, but fundamentally flawed.

Letís put aside the problems if she does have a boyfriend in the first place (do you want to go out with a girl that cheats? do you want to piss off a man whose status and strength are unknown to you?) and look at the real issue.

If a girl offers this information on your first meeting, chances are sheís not interested. Whether she is telling the truth or not is irrelevant. Sheís not interested in you. You will waste an awful lot of time chasing her if not.

Although men and women are quite different, you can usually gauge responses by putting yourself in the situation. You have a girlfriend, and sheís not here. A woman you fancy talks to you, do you tell her you have a girlfriend? Alternatively, you donít like her, now do you tell her?

One thing Iíve learned whilst dating is that all the tricks, techniques, and mindsets will not work if the woman youíve gone for hasnít decided you are a good mate. So the sooner you can get hold of information that sheís not interested the better.

This is my response to the "Iíve got a boyfriend" line. It has to be said politely and with a smile.

"Iím sorry, I didnít know having a boyfriend stopped you from making friends. Nice to meet you."

Turn around and donít look back. Donít even try to catch her eye later on in the night.

Having done this a few times, Iíve gotten quite a few different responses. They all fall under these three categories:

1) The woman is embarrassed, and sees the stupidity of the situation. She comes back, and tries to get your attention. I have had women buy me drinks, apologize, give out their number and Iíve even slept with a few of them. Iíve also made many female friends, who help in getting more women.

2) The woman thinks nothing of it, and forgets you. She chats up other blokes in the place. You werenít selected by her. Itís better than her saying "get lost ugly."

3) The woman actually has a boyfriend. He either arrives or she goes home without talking to anyone else.

Any way is a winner, and #1 is surprisingly the most popular response in my experience, so try it and see what happens.

Most importantly though: Donít waste time chasing a woman that is not interested. She may seem like an amazing prospect, but there are plenty of other prospects that require far less (or no) effort.

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