Sex Within 5 Minutes?

by LJC

You're sitting on your couch in your sweats watching TV, bored to tears and starting to doze off, when suddenly your door flings open and a thick, mysterious fog pours into the room.

As the smoke begins to clear you see a silhouette of a sexy woman with all the right curves. Upon further observation you notice it's (Enter your Favorite Super Model Here) dressed in a tight, skimpy, leopard skin bikini with a machine gun in hand.

She snarls at you and says, "Take Me Now! Make Me Yours! Be Rough!"

Of course, we all know this is just a dream.

Or is it?

A fantasy like this is a prime example of the primitive male attraction decision process. It's simple and straight cut. No BS. No games. You know within milliseconds if you want to bang her or not.

Although the primitive female attraction process is slightly different, it is just as decisive as a man's, and it works just as equally and just as efficiently from first impressions. And no, you don't need a fog machine and a leopard skin speedo.

Right from the moment of eye contact a woman will begin to go through her primal checklist of attraction. But unlike men, women tend to grade on the package deal. They hone in on various things from a man's status in the pecking order of men to his natural scent, and it's all done within minutes or even seconds of that first encounter.

Remember, we're talking about primitive attraction here. You may require more than good looks from a woman, but trust me, your libido doesn't care. Her inner-slut, on the other hand, certainly takes manliness and confidence in full consideration.

A great deal of the attraction process plays out physically like this, and in most cases sexual decisions are being made before the formal introduction ever comes about. You know this is true for yourself. It is true for her as well. The only difference is that she needs more time to know for sure.

But this doesn't mean she won't act on her initial assessments of you. She most definitely will. She just might change her mind a few dates down the road if you screw things up, that's all.

But the point here is that if she is showing high interest and you walk away with a phone number, she is telling you one thing and one thing only: "I am willing to have sex with you."

If that doesn't come to happen, you screwed up somewhere.

You might have approached her at the improper time despite being able to get her number anyway. Or maybe you didn't step up the game when she gave a few small signals. But whatever the reason, the very moment those digits are oozing from her, she is telling you she is most certainly open to hooking up.

Of course, she is not likely to admit it, but that's the way it is regardless. End of story. You now know.

How do you get to this revealing moment?

Although all of the following qualities are something you should be at least remotely familiar with by now, it is important that you display a high status in all of these assessments and convey them as a package-deal right from the get go.

All of these things are used in her primitive decision process within a very short span of time beginning with that initial eye contact, and they can do it almost as fast as a man decides he likes those double-D melons and that tight little caboose.

1) How you react is immediately taken into the package consideration. Any hesitation in maintaining eye contact, any hesitation in approaching her and speaking first, is a sign of lower male status and a lack of confidence. Acting indifferent to her presence is NOT confidence in a woman's eyes, even if you think it makes you super cool and in control. So if she catches you looking, go all in.

2) Yes, women count looks too, but not as much as men do. So dress well, stay clean, smell good, look healthy, etc. You know the deal here.

3) Posture and movements. Men with confidence and strong persona move slower and more surely. They look ahead, not down. They stand taller and do not slump. This doesn't mean you should walk with your chest puffed out like Mighty Mouse, just show confidence in your body and not just in your personality.

4) Actual rapport. This is the hardest part for many men, but the reality is that she is already well underway to putting you into the sex or no sex category before you even utter that first word. If you have any physical competence to achieve the first 3 points, you're more than 80% of the way there already. You just have to use some words to close the deal. That's all you're really doing! Closing the deal!

Rapport is not what makes a woman want to rip your clothes off. It is simply a tool that she uses to confirm or dispel all of her initial physical assessments of you.

If your words are as confident as your approach, sound as good as you look, and feel as cool as you move, then you have achieved the goal of reaffirming her beliefs and off to the races you go!

So before you start to stress over what to say, realize there are three major points you must convey regardless: You must sound confident; your tone of voice is important; and the style of your delivery will matter. If you can nail these, almost anything you say within reason will fly.

Just like a confident personality can make up for average looks, great delivery in rapport can make up for average content.

These are the exact qualities that make certain movie lines memorable while others are easily forgotten, regardless of how intelligent they may or may not be. Everyone knows who said, "I'll be back", and yet it's the most simplistic and least intelligent line in the whole movie.

Sometimes we get the number but it never goes further.

Sometimes we get the number and a meeting and it falls apart there.

Sometimes we get the number, the meeting and a little physical encounter going, but it falls apart before the sex.

And then sometimes we get the number, the meeting, the initial physical encounter and the full blown sex.

In all of these cases, she agreed to have sex in the first 5 minutes, just the same as you agreed to pursue that woman for sex. I don't care what type of women we're talking about here because they're all the same at the primitive level. The only difference between each of the former situations is exactly where we, as men, screw it up.

Yes, some of them are crazy, irrational bitches and you can blame them. But in all cases a woman agrees within minutes of that first encounter, and often changes her mind from there because something shattered one or more of her initial physical and personable assessments of a man.

Because this sexual decision comes so early, this is why a woman will have a one night stand with one guy but wait for weeks with another. She is either in the mood to act on these initial impulses or she needs to be convinced of them because she sometimes doubts her own judgment.

Fundamentally, the point here is that most men are trying to convince a woman to have sex with them when they've already done so. Your job is to keep her from changing her mind until she is ready to submit, and you do that by always reassuring the package deal you first presented in whatever natural and comfortable way you enjoy presenting it.