Women As Drama Queens

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I was getting a haircut the other night and I overheard some woman telling another... "You know I need to have a little drama in my life."

A lot of women fall into this category. I guess it comes from a life of watching soap operas and Oprah.

These women need to FEEL something... ANYTHING... even if it is a negative, otherwise they grow bored and move on to the next guy.

This is why it sometimes pays to mix things up a little. One day be sweet and romantic, and the next day be cold and distant.

Guaranteed she'll spend HOURS on the phone dissecting and analyzing every nuance of your behavior with her girlfriends.

They are intrigued by the changes in your behavior.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Most women are emotional masochists. They love a little relationship drama to spice up their lives and have some challenge to overcome.

Poosy Marauder


Being unpredictable is good, but in my opinion, switch that cold distance to teasing playfulness and make the mood change to something positive instead of negative.

Usually you can get the same results but the woman will be in a much better mood.

The cold distance feels like punishment and is best used when the woman does or says something that you don't like. Punishing someone who hasn't done something you don't like will confuse them in most cases.



You're right on the money. Every aspiring DJ needs to keep in mind that EVERY woman loves drama in their boring ass lives to some degree.

One of my exes, who I had a two-year relationship with, once said to me tearfully after I broke up with her, "Why is it the one who makes me feel the best is the one who hurts me the most?"

By the way, of all my relationships, SHE's the one who stood by me the longest and through the most hardships.

All because I gave her drama.


They say, "Ohhh, look at that hot guy on that motorcycle. He looks so DANGEROUS! I must have him!"

Then she gets him and 5 years later, "I don't like you on that motorcycle! Those things are dangerous. I want you to sell it and WE should get something more practical... like a station wagon."


She sees a successful, career oriented guy and says, "Ooohh... look at him. He has his life together and he's so successful! He has such a great, exciting job! Ambition turns me on. I must have him."

She gets him and 5 years later she's throwing a vase at his head, "You don't spend enough time with me! All you do is work! If you loved me, you'd take more time off to spend with me."

See what I'm getting at?

Why do women feel the need to seek out a guy and become involved with him, then try to CASTRATE HIM AND STRIP HIM OF THE VERY THING THEY WERE ATTRACTED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Because, like Poosy said, women love drama. THAT'S why they get mixed up with jerks who treat them like s**t.

THAT'S why they love to "change" a man.

THAT'S why they start a fight with you over nothing 5 min before going out for New Years. (This has happened to me sooo many times.)


My word is gold. Ignore it and be lonely or stepped on.

Jake Steed


Yes, like the uncontrollable urge that salmon have to spawn, or birds to fly south for the winter, women cannot control the urge to create conflict in their romantic lives.

Why? is the main question, I suppose. If things are going well in a relationship, the woman might feel she needs to add a little drama in order to "spice things up."

Perhaps her own insecurities generate a need for her to force the man to PROVE he still cares for her.

The man, on the other hand, is just grateful things have been cruising along smoothly for a while.

Women, of course, will deny they do this. It's like sleepwalking; they don't know they are doing it, but are powerless to stop.


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