Attractive Male Body Language: The 6 Secrets

by Richard La Ruina

Most guys have terrible body language which may put women off. However, by simply learning a few secrets you can instantly make a great impression, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

It is possible for any man to become more attractive, and body language is one of the most important factors to boost your attractiveness and make a more striking first impression.

So how can you achieve this starting from today?

1. Plant yourself when standing still.

Place your feet slightly wider apart than natural; this will stop you from shifting your weight. Notice how your feet feel planted. You will feel much more stable allowing you to stand like this for long periods of time. This technique is used by martial artists; it is a solid base which increases your balance.

2. Do not touch your face, fidget, or fiddle.

How do you normally hold your hands? Twitching and fidgeting makes you look nervous which is very unattractive; look around and see it in other people. Instead, keep your hands by your sides, placing your thumb between the index and middle fingers. This removes the natural need for your fingers to constantly be doing something.

3. Whatever you do, don't look down.

Just like when you are hanging off a cliff! Keep your head held upright. If you feel the need to look away, look up, never look down! Looking down is a sign of weakness and also does not look attractive. You can observe this in other people. It has even been proven that looking down can have a bad effect on your mental state.

4. Make slow head movements.

Men of high status everywhere -- on film, in business, and in your social circle -- all have certain traits in common. One of these is slow, smooth movements. Don't jerk and jolt your head around as though you've been drinking caffeine all day. Instead look around slowly and smoothly. Smoothness and lack of fidgety movements are the main factors.

5. Walk more slowly and smoothly.

This makes you come across more high-status. A sense of quiet confidence is given off just by behaving more comfortably and smoothly. When out in a bar or club, slow it down even more and you will stand out from other people who are rushing around franticly.

6. Hold your drink by your side.

Whilst holding a drink, hold it down by your side. It is a blocking action to hold a drink in front of your chest.

Carry out these 6 simple tips and you will instantly make a better first impression allowing you to stand out from the other men in a room. If you are ever internally uncomfortable, you can still appear confident and composed just by following the above rules.

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