7 Body Language Secrets That Attract Women

by Clark Cassidy

What is the biggest “key” factor there is when it comes to approaching and attracting beautiful women? Is it looks? Nope. Is it income? No. Is it age? Not even close. The biggest factor there is without a doubt is communication.

It gets a lot crazier then that, however. Communication of course is how we talk to other people, right? But what would you say if I told you that 90% of our day-to-day communication is done in a way where you don't have to speak at all? That's right. The majority of what we communicate doesn't even come from our mouths!

This 90% of communication is called body language. Even when we aren't talking, we are always sending off these ‘signals' that other people, women especially, pick up subconsciously. For example, as I am writing this in a coffee shop the waitress can tell I am head-first in my laptop working on something, because of that she knows to keep me refilled and to not disturb me much.

If you see someone walking with their hands in their pockets and their head down, will you be more likely to approach this person? Or would you be more likely to approach a person with their head up and shoulders thrown back? This is my point exactly.

The greatest thing about modifying your body language is that the results are almost instant. From the moment you start using them you start feeling better about yourself and people will be more likely to approach you.

The other great thing about body language is the changes are small and subtle, but they can be tricky to use all the time but through effort and practice you WILL become a natural.

Let's talk about the 7 body language secrets that I personally use to help me attract women:

  1. Movement – Nervous guys are always fidgety and jerky. Confident men who are successful with women make very controlled movements. They walk slowly and only make controlled movements. You will never see a confident man with restless leg syndrome or fidgeting with his fingers. By slowing down your movement you are presenting to the rest of the world a more “comfortable” version of yourself and it makes you that much more approach-friendly.
  2. Lean Back and Relax – When you are sitting up or in any sort of position that isn't standing up, lay back and relax. Let your arms hang down at your sides, and make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. Shy guys have a tendency of “shielding” themselves from other people by sitting forward with their arms folded. Don't do this as it makes you look closed off. Relax!
  1. Be Spacious – In any situation, always take up as much space as possible. If you're sitting in a lobby, sort of lean back and kick your legs out. This is a “territorial” thing that all people notice subconsciously. If people see you taking up this space they will automatically assume you to be the alpha in the room and that you are the one who is the most laid back and fun!
  2. Walking Posture - When you are walking it's very important to have great posture. If you walk with your head down with your hands in your pocket you will look completely unapproachable. Walk with your back straight, with your head tilted up just a bit. Stick your chest out and bring your shoulders back. This shows women what they are most attracted too, confidence. Take a look at any millionaire, rock star, or celebrity. They always walk this way and it's because they are confident with themselves.
  3. Open Yourself – When you are approaching women stand or sit with your palms slightly exposed with your arms at your sides and with your legs shoulder width apart (or out in front of you if you are sitting). Don't ever cross your arms or your legs as this is a signal for being “closed” off.
  4. Be Calm and Indifferent – You never want to show too much emotion at any given time, this makes you seem as if you aren't in control of your life or your situation.
  1. Tonality – While this is technically “speaking” it's more body language then anything else. If you talk fast, slow down! People who talk fast are usually left in the dust because they either A) Talk too fast for people to comprehend or B) Are embarrassing to talk to. Talking slower allows you to be more in control of what you say, it also stops you from making embarrassing mistakes such as stuttering which is a MASSIVE sign of being nervous!

If you can master each one of those body language principles then you will be in a completely different league with women then anyone you know! Another quick-tip to help you master these tips is to associate a color with body language. For example, every time you see something red, check over your body language and see if you are displaying confident and open body language.