A Few Things I've Learned About Women

by RKTek

1) You must have something going for you.

You must have at least one of the following: a solid hobby that challenges you physically and mentally, a musical talent that you enjoy, a good job, a good major in school that reflects your true life ambition, a super charismatic personality, etc. Something. If you are nothing, you will attract nothing.

All of these things must come from within you. It must be your core personality. You cannot have a certain hobby because you think it will attract girls. You do not choose a major in school because you think girls will be impressed. You do not affect an outgoing personality just to pick up girls. You must BE someone/something.

2) You must like yourself. You must like your own company. It should not matter to you very much if you are alone. You should be able to entertain yourself and be happy with your own pursuits.

3) At the same time that you are happy with being alone, to a small degree you should like the company of others. A man is supposed to be a bit of a loner but knows how to socialize.

4) The less emotions you show, the better. Always keep something in reserve. Always have a bit of mystery. Always be slightly unpredictable. With experience you'll learn how to be mysterious without being weird or unpredictable without being unstable or flighty.

5) You should not pursue women. If you have the mindset that you are pursuing women, or are trying to get into a particular woman's pants, you will lose.

Rather, you should have the attitude that a woman will be a drain on your life, she will be a lying cheating heartbreaking shrew, and she will lie, cheat and break your heart until proven otherwise. Note the word proven.

Women don't realize they lie. A woman can break up with you, be walking out the door with her new boyfriend, look you square in the eyes and say "I really do love you" and many men will not only believe her, but rest secure in the belief that she will come back to them.

6) Again, you should not pursue women. When she (whoever she is) finds you attractive, she will pursue you, yet a person cannot pursue something unless it is retreating. You must appear to retreat.

Advance very slightly, then retreat. When a woman sees you and likes what she sees, very often because you don't seem to notice her, she will find a way to meet you. She will find a way to talk to you. She will find a way to get into your life. A woman in today's society will pursue.

7) You should consider every woman you see as a potential, and take them all on casual dates. Do it by the rules.

Specific time/place/activity dates on weeknights. Kiss close by the second date. Be mysterious. Be a gentleman, spelled gentle-MAN. Learn the subtle tactic of making all the right moves, yet remaining emotionally flat. Have NO expectations. If a woman sees you, and likes what she sees, she will imagine being in a relationship/sex/marriage soon enough.

8) Experience is the best teacher. The only 'mistake' is one from which you learn nothing, but you must make those mistakes.

There are no shortcuts, you must pay your dues, you must make life mistakes. Fortunately you have this site and whatever 'method' you like to help you learn from those mistakes. But again, there are no real shortcuts, you must make mistakes.

You must make a fool of yourself at least once, perhaps more, in your life. You must have your heart seriously broken at least once in your life, perhaps more. You must date many women. You must date very many women. You must try to be smooth, you must try to be a 'player', you must try to get her to start the process of trying to catch you. If she doesn't, you must dump her and move on very quickly.

9) Most men in today's world, are chumps.

Hollywood movies, literature, art, the media, all will be working against you. If you do it correctly, your friends will call you a woman hater or say that you're too demanding. If you break it off with a woman because she's a self-centered bitch, but she looks like Kylie Minogue, they'll say you're nuts. If you do it correctly women will initially seem to scorn you.

But if you do it correctly, women will have a little voice inside that piques their curiosity and find you irresistible in spite of themselves. And they'll pursue you. But they'll also test you relentlessly to see if yours is just an act.

10) Insecure men date beautiful women mainly to impress their friends. Insecure men want trophy women mainly to make themselves look better. Insecure men want to drive hot sports cars to impress their friends or to pick up chicks. Insecure men want swoopy motorcycles to impress their friends or pick up chicks.

Real men on the other hand, date women who are good companions, who really turn them on because they're interesting and attractive. Looks are very important, but not the most important.

Real men have sports cars because they enjoy tinkering with them on the weekends in addition to being fun with a woman. Real men have swoopy motorcycles because they belong to a motorcycle club, love working on them or race them in addition to occasionally giving a girl a joyride.

11) The best girl for you is one who could be called 'cute' with a decent body and generally happy personality -- and be open to her arriving in your life. Many guys are so intent looking for that fabulous diamond, they don't see the basket of pearls at their feet.

The healthiest mindset for you to have is that the prettier the girl, the worse she will be, only so that you will not be blinded when someone adorable but less glamorous comes along.

12) Occasionally you'll see geeky high school photos of people like Paris Hilton, or Tara Reid, and this should be an education to you. The most beautiful woman today could look like a toad tomorrow, and vice-versa.

13) If a girl ever "disses" you, call her on it immediately. Be tactful but let her know you've just heard or seen something that you dislike and it will not be tolerated. If she continues, dump her.

If you're driving in your car, pull over, and ask if she wants to get out now. Do not, under any circumstances tolerate dissing, games, put-downs or the like. If she's a bitch and walks away because you called her on it, all the better for you. You're rid of her.

If she's just testing you, she might walk away, but she'll be back. In either case you must let her go and do not look back. If she leaves, good. If she does come back, she will have even more respect for you. Either way, stand up for yourself, and either way in the long run you win.

14) At all times, a woman must believe that you can walk away from the relationship and not look back. She must believe that you care for the relationship less than her.

If you are in a relationship right now and your woman thinks she's got you by the short curlies, you need to dump her and get a new girl. It is imperative to start out correctly otherwise it will never be in your favor. The one who cares less, has the most power. Always.

15) Going back to previous jobs or girlfriends is a losing proposition.

16) The girl of your dreams may not be the girl you dreamed of. "Love at first sight" is dangerous.

17) The girl of your dreams will pursue you and there will be no mistake about it, even if you at first seemed uninterested.

18) The right girl for you will soon prove easy to talk to. She will surprise you with how interested in you she really can be. It will gradually, very gradually dawn on you that you don't have to be on your best behavior all the time.

19) If all of this seems too much for you to remember, you're not there yet but take comfort in the fact that you are on the right track, you're visiting the right site, reading the correct material and are simply in the process. It is a process.