How to Meet Women After College

by Joseph Matthews

When you're in college, meeting women can be easy. After all, every class you go to, you'll find yourself sitting next to one! You'll run into them at the library, a frat party, a football game, the dining halls...

The list goes on and on.

The fact of that matter is that school is very conducive to meeting women. And that makes the process of getting dates much easier than it normally would be.

But what happens when you get out of college and enter *gulp* the real world?

While in school, you have a number of activities, sports, clubs, study sessions, and all types of other social gatherings to help you meet girls, once you're out of school, your life will typically consist of two things:

Work and home.

You wake up, you go to your job, and then you go home, eat, go to bed, and repeat everything the next day.

The transition to entering the rat race after college is done can be depressing for a lot of men, because their lives become entirely centered around their jobs.

This means that the pool of women they have to choose from is limited to the women they meet at their jobs, or the women who live close to them.

And whenever your options are limited, that's NEVER a good thing.

The key to meeting lots of great, high quality women after graduating from college is to keep being as social as possible, and don't let your life be consumed by your job.

Here are some tips to help you meet women after college:

TIP #1: Use The Internet

This should seem like a no-brainer. Online dating is great for men who are too busy to go out and meet new girls. So you should always be using the internet to meet new women. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to meet girls.

TIP #2: Get Out Of The House

After a long day of work, sometimes the last thing we want to do is go out at night. But if you don't go out, how do you expect to meet anybody?

Set aside one or two days a week where you go out with the specific intention to meet women. Whether it be going to a bar to pick up a girl, or going out on a date, it's important you make time for your love life.

TIP #3: Take Advantage Of Errands

No matter how hard we work, we still have to do things throughout the course of our daily lives. Whether it be going grocery shopping, or taking your suit to the dry cleaners, there's always something we have to do for ourselves.

When this occurs, don't just rush to get your errands done. Take advantage of opportunities when you see them! After all, lots of girls have to go grocery shopping and drop off clothes for dry cleaning as well. So if you see a girl you find attractive while running errands, take some time and meet her!

TIP #4: Happy Hour

The hour before work starts and around the time work typically ends is a great time to meet girls - if you're in the right place! In the morning, it's coffee shops women go to for their morning cup of java. After work, it's the bar with the cheap drinks.

Go to these places at the right time, and you'll find tons of women just hanging out, waiting to grab a drink before heading home. Use this time to your advantage! Women L-O-V-E to be social in both these places.

TIP #5: Throw Parties

In college, a great way to meet girls is to throw a party and invite them over. Well, that doesn't change after you're out of school. Throwing parties is a great way to meet new people!

Organize a get together somewhere, make sure there's plenty to eat and drink, and invite everyone you know to show up. And have them invite everyone THEY know as well!

Being the "Party Guy" can really score you a lot of points with girls who are looking to have a bit of excitement in their lives. And it can be a lot of fun too!

TIP #6: Pursue Your Passions

Don't let work rule your life. Continue to pursue your passions. If you like college basketball, continue to go out to games. If you like live music, continue to go to concerts. Whatever it is you enjoy, go out and do it, and while you're doing it, meet as many women as you possibly can.

After all, chances are there are some girls who share your passions! And what better way to start a conversation than to talk about something you both love?

The worst thing you can do is just spend all your time working and watching TV. That won't get you anywhere. Just take action, get out of the house, and know how to start conversations with women.

When you're able to do all that successfully, meeting girls out in the "real world" is both fun and easy.

Wishing you success,

Joseph Matthews