Why Do Women Love James Bond?

by Joseph Matthews

Question from a reader:

Is there a difference between a Nice Guy and a Gentleman? I consider myself a gentleman. Unfortunately I don't know how to tease girls or flirt, I haven't acquired the skills YET. So I act like a gentleman.


My response:

Let me give you a brief language lesson...

The word "Gentleman" is really a combination of two words:


Gentle can be defined as "affable, agreeable, benign, meek, trained... and nice."

Man can be defined as "boy, chap, dude, or... guy."


The concept that the two are any different at all just doesn't work.

Saying you're a "gentleman" who doesn't know how to flirt, is the same as saying "I'm a man who likes to be nice to women and get nothing in return."

Now, if that's what you want, by all means, consider yourself a "gentleman."

You'll get a lot of nice smiles, and "thank yous" from the women...

Right before they go home with another guy who ISN'T YOU.

But here's where I think you're getting confused...

You don't NEED to be a jerk to easily attract women. It is possible to be NICE to women and have them be attracted to you.

But you can't simply be a sexually-neutered "nice guy" or "gentle man."

You NEED to have an aspect of male sexuality to your personality (i.e. flirting and teasing).

For instance...

Think of James Bond for a second if you will.

Here's a guy who'd be considered a "gentleman."

He's suave, smooth, and sophisticated.

But he's also IRRESISTIBLE to women. Why?

Because he has a lusty glare. He has a sly smirk. He speaks with double entendre. He teases the woman he's talking to. He emphasizes his sexuality.

And if you ask women if they would consider James Bond a "gentleman," they would totally say "YES!"

So what separates you from James Bond?

(Well, besides the fact you're not a secret agent for the British Government.)



Flirting isn't just for women! Men MUST do it if they want to attract a potential partner.

Being a good flirt is about embracing your own sexual nature as a man.

Now, this can be difficult if you're not used to it. But trust me, women love it!

If you think you're stuck being a "nice guy" or consider yourself a "gentleman," but don't find yourself having any real success with women, just use this simple rule:



Would he stand a little closer to a woman than the average man would?

Would he look at her lustfully?

Would he smile and joke about sex with her?

Would he take the lead, grab her by the hand, and lead her to someplace more intimate?

The possibilities are endless when you know how to flirt and tease a woman.

If you don't know how to do this, you are really hindering your ability to attract the woman you desire.

Don't waste another second being a "gentleman." It's time for you to be BOND.


Joseph Matthews