Beware EVIL Women!

by Joseph Matthews

This may be the most important article you've ever read.


This one article will be able to save you tons and TONS of heartache AND money IF you heed the advice you'll find within it.


Because the advice I'm about to give you is designed to protect you from THE most dangerous and harmful thing on the face of the planet...


Just like all things, there is good, and there is evil. The good can be a tremendously positive force in your life, filling it with joy and happiness. The evil, however, can cause tremendous pain, suffering, and even DEATH.

It's no different with women.

There are good women in this world, and there are women that can only be described as EVIL. The purpose of this article is to help you spot the bad ones so you can save yourself from untold suffering and focus all your attention on finding a good woman that you can have amazing experiences with.

The first thing I want to say about EVIL women is that it is important to spot them early! And once spotted, it is important not to have any type of contact with them if you want to enjoy complete happiness in your love life.

Of course, sometimes it can be very tempting to have a one-night stand or hot-and-heavy fling with a woman who is bad for you. And sometimes, everything can turn out okay. But that doesn't mean you're not still playing Russian roulette with your love life!

The best defense against EVIL women is knowing the type of woman you want.

EXACTLY the type of woman you want.

When you know what you want, your search for the woman that's right for you becomes much narrower and focused, so instantly you filter out a great many of the women you'll be wasting your time with.

For instance, let's say you're looking for a serious girlfriend...

What are the things you'd want in a woman who's going to be a good girlfriend? Let's say you'd like a woman who really enjoys outdoor activities (because that's what you enjoy). So you're girlfriend has to be an avid outdoorsman. BOOM! You've just narrowed your search and eliminated a good 90% of the EVIL women that are out there.

But there's still that 10% you have to look out for.

The next thing you should be aware of is if she is in a profession that lends itself to "unbalanced" personalities.

For instance, if the girl is, or has ever been, a stripper, a prostitute, or a porn actress, her chances of causing you incredible amounts of trouble are EXTREMELY great. And we're not just talking about the mental trouble either, they could very well give you a disease from which you may never recover!

Another thing to look out for is self-destructive habits. If you notice the woman you're with is a heavy drug user or alcoholic... RUN. Do not get seriously involved with women who drink too much, do too many drugs, or both. These are women who will care more about the substances they abuse than YOU. And they are also women who care nothing about themselves, and getting emotionally attached to someone who cares nothing for their well-being is a painful endeavor.

Some people criticize me for saying this, but I do believe it... BEWARE SINGLE MOTHERS! If you're getting involved with a woman who already has a kid, you're opening yourself up for a great deal of trouble down the line.


Because if she got pregnant once by some other guy, chances are she'll get pregnant by YOU! Even if you use birth control! And if she DOES get pregnant, chances are she'll go ahead and have the baby. This means that whether you break up with her or not, you'll be stuck paying child support for the next 18 years! Now, if the idea of shelling out your hard-earned cash for a kid you never wanted to a woman you don't like for the next 18 years of your life doesn't appeal to you — STAY AWAY FROM SINGLE MOMS!

In addition to that warning above, single moms will always choose their kids over you, which means you will always get the short end of the stick when it comes to her time and attention. So if you want lots of sex and adventures in your relationship, you can throw that away when dealing with a single mom! And not only that, but depending on what state you live in, if her kid gets attached to you, you might be legally liable for child support EVEN IF IT ISN'T YOUR KID! Check your local laws to be certain.

Watch out for women who are too clingy and get jealous easily! These are women who are incredibly insecure, and most likely they will cheat on you! In fact, the more jealous they are, the more likely it is they are sleeping around. This is because people tend to project their own behaviors on others, and if they think you're cheating on them, chances are it's because they, themselves, are cheating (or thinking about it!).

Watch how the woman treats her own family. Typically, women who have good relationships with their mother AND father are well balanced women who will treat you well. If they hate EITHER of their parents, chances are they're going to end up treating you the same way.

As a side note to this, loot at how her parents treat each other if you get the chance. If their relationship is a good one, chances are the relationship you have with her will be good too! The same is true if the parents have a BAD relationship.

Also, look to see if the woman you like also likes children. It doesn't matter if you want to have kids or not. If a woman does not like kids, that's a statement about her own capacity to love and nurture! If she hates kids, then it's a very good possibility she is incapable of deep commitment and personal connection, and will end up using and abusing the man she is with!

And finally, if you find out that you're with an EVIL woman, do not hesitate to DUMP her immediately!

And when I say dump, I mean DUMP. Delete her number from your phone, do not see her or talk to her again. Cut her out of your life completely! And if she comes crawling back to you promising to change, DO NOT TAKE HER BACK. She won't change, and she'll make your life even WORSE than it was when you were with her before. Be strong and leave her behind completely, and work towards finding a good, positive woman to have in your life.

You can't protect yourself 100% from EVIL women, but if you follow the guidelines I've given you above, then you have an extremely good chance of filtering them all out.

So how do you find yourself a good woman?

Well, odd enough as it sounds, the quality of the woman you can get directly depends on how high you value yourself!

This means building a strong self-image that you can present to the world.

Wishing you success,

Joseph Matthews