The Best Night of the Week to Meet Women

by Joseph Matthews

To quote the actor Chris Tucker...

"It's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!"

Well, maybe you do have a job and things to do, but are you doing the things you WANT to do?

Namely: Are you going out tonight to meet some women?

Friday night is probably the BEST night of the week to meet women.

Think about it:

It's been a long, hard week. People are getting off work. They don't have anything to do the next day. They can sleep in as late as they want. They're looking to unwind and release some stress. In other words...

They're out looking to have fun!

And what does having fun entail? Well, for most women, having fun on a Friday night means - MEETING A MAN!

That's right. We go out to meet women. They go out to meet us!

But the question you gotta ask yourself is: Are they gonna meet YOU?

This is important. This can mean the difference between getting laid and quietly sobbing in the shower.

So How Are These Women Going to Meet You?

Well, that's entirely up to you. I can give you some suggestions that will help you out, but honestly, it's up to you to act and make it happen.

The first thing you need to do to make sure women are going to meet you tonight is…

Are you ready?


That's step number one. You GOTTA get out and go to where the women are. This means going out with friends, or, if they're not around to hang out, go out by yourself!

Regardless of how you do it, if you DON'T go out, you have 0% chance of meeting women. (I'm talking real women who could go home with you TONIGHT! Not internet women.)

The second step is...

Go to Where the Women Are!

This is important. Bars and clubs are always a good bet to find women. But if that's not your scene, you have other options available to you.

1) Happy Hour

Yes, I know, this is a bar thing. But, happy hour usually occurs BEFORE things get too hectic, so if you're older, this may be a good alternative to fighting off all those youngsters out there.

Most women go to happy hour after work, and then go home and change for a night out on the town. This is a GREAT opportunity for you to set up a date for LATER THAT NIGHT.

2) Bookstores & Coffee Shops

If you have a little bit more of a laid back lifestyle, bookstores and coffee shops are a good place to check out on a Friday night. If you can find a coffee shop that's open late, all the better!

Typically, the women here are quieter, book-worm wallflower types. So it may be harder to initially engage them, but it'll be easier to wrangle them into a conversation.

3) Hotel Lobbies & Bars

No, I'm not talking about the lobby of your local "Day's Inn." I'm talking about the NICE hotels in your area. You know, the 4 and 5 star kind with valet parking and an extremely nice bar area.

These can be great places to meet women, especially considering a lot of "hotel hotties" are from out of town and looking for some adventure. This scene is also more laid back and less intense than your typical bar and club.

Okay, so now that we've covered step 1 and 2, it's time to go to the final step:


Let's face it, even though women's lib is going strong, women STILL don't typically approach guys. They wait for YOU to approach THEM.

So that begs the question: How do you approach them?

In my book, The Art of Approaching, I go into this subject in detail. Inside my book, you'll find:

  • Specific stories guaranteed to start a conversation with any woman you meet.
  • Funny one-liners to get her laugh right away!
  • Tactics to easily get 10-12 numbers a night.
  • A step-by-step guide that teaches you how to overcome any fear or nervousness you may have when it comes to meeting women!
  • Much, much more…

At the very least, walk up to these women and say to them "Hi, I'm Joe."

Wishing you success with women!

Joseph Matthews