Approaching Women Is Fun

by David Kwan

You are in a bar all by yourself, nursing your drink and feeling bored when this hot chick walked in. All at once, you became alert and interested BUT your spirits dampen when you see the troop that came along with her.

Does the above situation sounds familiar? I bet you can all relate to it. And I can also safely bet that this situation happens rather frequently. Ladies seldom frequent clubs solo. More often than not they are in the company of friends or in the company of a special friend.

Should you be discouraged by the sheer number? Hell, no! I'm going to show you a few ways to approach women who are in the company of friends. First and foremost, you should make eye contact with her. Hold her gaze, smile and watch her reaction. Watch her body language closely.

If she smiles back and occasionally steal glances your way, that's a good sign as it shows interest. If she is interested, there is essentially two ways you can approach her. One way is to wait till she is alone or at least when the group is sizably smaller. An easy way to do that is to intercept her when she is on her way back from the ladies. The line you use as your opener does not matter. What matters is the ability to sustain the conversation. If it is too noisy to have a decent conversation, ask her for a dance.

If you approach her when she is at her table, introduce yourself to everyone in the group. I've found that if you talk to everyone in the group instead of just focusing on her, your chances of success is higher as you will be accepted by the group and not viewed as someone who is there with the intention of hitting on a member of their group. This is especially true if it is an all girls' group.

This strategy is two fold. First it helps you gain acceptance in her group and second, you kind of throw her off balance and put a dent in her ego because you are giving attention to her other friends and not solely on her. However, do not make the mistake of ignoring her totally as you would not want to put her off.

The second way of approaching a girl who is in the company of others is with the help of a wing man. This strategy requires you to work in pairs. A wing man can be any one of your guy friends. A wing man's job is to keep the rest of the group occupied so that you can zoom in on your target. A word of caution when you have a wing man; both of you should have a common understanding and should technically not be interested in the same girl.

While it is all well and good to approach a girl who is in the company of her friends, I do not advocate trying to pick up a girl who is already with a partner. Trying to do that would likely lead to unpleasant result. Worst of all it can result in a brawl and you could end up getting bruised. So if the girl that you are interested in already has a partner, I'd suggest you look else where and remove her from your list of potential targets.

It is easy to spot couples even when they are in a group. Their body language will tell you if they are a couple. Some tell tale signs are that they usually sit closer together and spend more time with each other.

Just be more observant and you will notice a lot of things ...

David Kwan
Publisher for Dating Class Newsletter