Will You Buy Me a Drink?

by Allen Thompson

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A cute little lady approaches you in a bar and asks, "Will you buy me a drink?"

Or you're talking with a rare beauty, or maybe dancing, and she gives you the old, "Are you going to buy me a drink?"

What do you do? What do you say? Do you buy her the drink?

If you've been around the block a little, you've probably come to realize that it's usually not a good idea to respond to these drink requests in a positive fashion. For many reasons...

  1. Club drinks are way expensive.
  2. You are probably not way rich.
  3. She may not be attracted to you at all and simply be using you to finance her night out.
  4. She may reply "thanks" ... turn and walk off ... then hand the drink to her boyfriend (it happens!).
  5. Most importantly, buying her a drink frames you as the pursuer and her as the pursued; you as the contestant and her as the prize; you as being below her and having to pay and bribe for her time and attention. When what you actually want to communicate, and as soon as possible, is just the opposite.

So you could just say "No!"

"Hell no!"

"Go away!"

"Leave me alone, you bar slut!"

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But it's also possible she could actually like you. It's possible this is her "line" and she's trying to meet you. Maybe she doesn't even care about the drink. Not probable, but possible. Or maybe you've been talking with her for a while and you're feeling a little chemistry.

Is it "better to be safe than sorry" or to "throw caution to the wind"?

How can you protect yourself and your finances, without appearing rude or cheap or weird? And how can you refuse her request without driving her away?

Well, here are a few interesting comments I pulled from the SoSuave Discussion Forum.

Some are good. Some are funny. And some will allow you to start or continue a conversation, thus giving you the chance to "test her" to see if she's a potential Mrs. Juan, or just a lowly drink-digger. Pick one that suits your personality and give it a shot.

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"Hey, are you trying to pick me up? Because I'm tired of all these pick up lines girls use on me all the time!" - Ricky

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"Yes... if you'll buy me one first!"

If she bites, you know you're guaranteed some interest level and two drinks worth of time from her. And it doesn't come off as too arrogant. - Bclark675

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"Will you buy me a drink?"

"No, but I will let you buy me one." - DJ de Florida

"Will you buy me a drink?"

(pretending to shake a Magic 8 Ball vigorously) "Signs point to no." - Giovanni Casanova

"Will you buy me a drink?"

Try smiling, tilting your head and saying, "I dunno. Last time I did that a woman tried to take advantage of me later."

She'll either laugh, look at you funny, or ask you to tell the story. If she asks for a story, give her a good one.

If not, say. "Think it'll work again this time?"

Surprising how often women like this and say yes, probably, or pull up a chair and let's talk about it. If she says no, tell her it's good to meet someone who's honest, shake her hand and walk away. Those women have a strange tendency to seek you out later in the evening. - FluffyMutt

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"Sure, give me 8 bucks." - JJNYC

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"Will you buy me a drink?"

When I feel like it, I say "yes". And then I will find out how long I can keep them around me before they discover I'm not buying them anything.

When they ask, "Hey, when do I get my drink", reply with "Oh yeah, forgot about it." Then proceed with some more BS talk. Repeat if necessary.

It's good fun. Keep a score if you want to. Try to beat the 5 minute mark. - Blaaaaat

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"I don't know, what's in it for me?" - MVPlaya

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"Is that the best pick up line you can come up with? I'm not that easy." - Wen

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"Why, are you underaged?" - Poindexter

HER: "Can you buy me a drink?"

ME: "Sure..." (waits 3 secs) "Well, what are you waiting for?"

HER: "What?" (look of surprise)

ME: "Didn't you say 'Can I buy you a drink?'"

HER: "No, I said can you buy me a drink!"

ME: "Yeah that's what I thought you said... I'll have a straight scotch on the rocks."

HER: "No, I said can you buy me a drink!" (getting a little frustrated and comes real close and talks in my ear)

ME: "Nah, just one drink will do me for now. You can buy me another one later. I'll be on the sofa down there." (points and walks away)

This was hilarious; the girl (a HB8) was so frustrated with me that she ended up meeting me at the sofa with my drink. I ended up making out with her on the dance floor - AcknowledgeDaRep

"Will you buy me a drink?"

"No, but I might make you breakfast." - Midnight

The best response I ever heard was from an Australian guy to an American girl: "Actually, in Australia, the women buy the men drinks."

I don't know if she bought him a drink, but they were together a lot after that. - Stig

Allen Thompson
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