How to Approach a Woman and Start a Conversation

by Allen Thompson

beautiful woman

You see beautiful girls everywhere: at the mall, in the bookstore, at the park, in the club.

So why is it you do not approach them? Why is it you do not try to start a little conversation? Why is it you continually let these opportunities walk right on by and out of your life?

No confidence you say.

Afraid of rejection you say.

Don't know what to say you say.

What if you knew exactly what to say? What if you had some little opening phrase that you knew would get a positive response and start a nice little conversation?

Then you would approach, right? Every girl, every time, everywhere!

No girl would be safe from your charm. You would be a girl-getting machine.

If you knew what to say, if you knew how to get a positive response, then you would have confidence. And if you had this confidence you would be unstoppable.

Well, today I'm going to tell you what to say, how to say it, and why you want to do it this way. How to approach that really cute girl and have her talking and responding to you in a positive, fun way.

Here Is What You Do...

Pay close attention because this is TRICKY.

One wrong word or syllable and it could all blow up in your face, and leave you the laughing-stock of your city. (You'd probably have to move!)




The next time you see a girl that you want to approach — a super cute girl that is just sooo your type — I want you to think of the most boring, trite, and unimaginative thing you could possibly say. Then I want you to walk up to her, smile, look her in the eyes, and say it!

attractive woman

You see, my friend, the thing that is killing you and keeping you from meeting all kinds of amazing women is that you are trying to be CLEVER!

You are trying to think of something cool, unique, intelligent, and witty to say. Some way to approach that sets you apart from every other guy and makes her explode "Wow! What a man!"

And since it's very unlikely that you will come up with something cool, unique, intelligent and witty that will blow her away and make her fall head over heels for you... you will not say anything at all.

She will walk off... and you will never see her again!

Possibly the girl of your dreams. Gone! Forever!

That's why you are going to say something NOT clever, NOT unique, and NOT original. Because it doesn't really matter what you say. The important thing is that you say something. Anything!

But I Hear You Thinking...

"If I say something boring, trite, and unimaginative to this girl, won't she think I'm boring, trite, and unimaginative?"

No, she won't think that. Not today. Not now. Not this time.


Because you have a special power working for you at this particular moment in time that you don't even realize. Something super-cool and interesting. Something almost magical.

And that special power is that you are a Mysterious Stranger!

She doesn't know anything about you at this point. Whether you're wonderful, or horrible, or interesting, or crazy, or somewhere between. You are a mystery. And anything said to her from a mysterious stranger will grab her attention and interest.

"Hi" from a mysterious stranger is interesting.

"The weather sure is great today" from a mysterious stranger is interesting.

"I like your shirt" from a mysterious stranger is interesting.

sexy girl

"All these cereals are confusing" from a mysterious stranger is interesting.

"I love browsing all these travel books" from a mysterious stranger is interesting.

Okay... true... these phrases may not actually be all that interesting, but the thing is they're interesting enough.

Interesting enough in that moment to capture her attention and allow you to begin a conversation. And that's all you want at this point — to begin a friendly little conversation.

Don't try to win her over and make her fall in love with you in 10 seconds. It's not going to happen. All you want is a response, hopefully a smile, some eye contact, and maybe a laugh.

And the Beauty of It All Is...

Coming up with something boring, trite, and unimaginative is EASY. Anyone can do it.

Coming up with something clever is HARD.

And — just as important — trying to come up with something clever focuses your mind on the wrong things. It puts you into the mindset of trying to impress a woman... when what you want is the mindset of just chatting for a minute, just being friendly, just meeting someone new and having some fun. There's a big difference.

It's a huge difference!

If you are trying to say something clever to a girl and trying to impress her, then you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Your heart will speed up, beads of sweat will form on your brow, and you will probably stumble all over your words if, somehow, you do manage to get them out.

Make no mistake about it — your mindset when you approach and talk to a woman can make you or break you.

You must put yourself into the right mindset... that of just being friendly and chatting. The mindset of testing her to see if she's nice, to see if you like her, to see if you might want to get her number and get to know her better. NOT the mindset of trying to impress her, trying to blow her away, and trying to make her like you. That's just making things hard.

But some guys try to make everything hard. They take something that's easy and make it difficult. They take something that's simple and make it complex. They take something that's fun and make it work.

If you are like that then STOP IT. Stop complicating things!

Make things easy on yourself. Relax and have some fun. Let her worry about impressing you.

Remember, you don't need to be clever.

Millions of men and women meet each other every single day of the year without either of them ever saying anything clever.

Allen Thompson
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