How to Be More Attractive to Women

by Master of the Universe

Okay, here's the deal: a girl will know if she would be willing to be with you or not within a minute or two of meeting you.

If that's the case, does it make more sense to work on your attraction ability, or on your seduction skills? I would have to say the former.

But what is being attractive?

I used to think that an attractive person is someone who looked good. In fact, I always thought that I was an 8 or so looks wise, because I've had many girls tell me that I'm good looking, and many of my sister's friends tell her that she has a cute brother.

So you can imagine my surprise when I posted my picture on hotornot, and I got rated at a 4.3. I figured maybe the pic was not so good, so I tried a different picture. That one got a 7. I figured another picture is in order. That one got a 5. I tried half a dozen pictures, and I averaged in the 5 zone, which put me below average in looks.

It wasn't until a girl made a comment that I finally understood. A chick told me that I was very attractive. I thanked her and asked her what was it about me that made me very handsome. She replied that she did not say that I was handsome, but attractive. I just gave her a dumb look and asked her what is the difference.

She proceeded to teach me that handsome is strictly physical looks, a photograph if you will. Some handsome guys are attractive, and some are not. Being attractive on the other hand is part looks, part how you carry yourself, how you move through the world, your energy. In other words, charisma.

So here's the truth: a girl will decide if she wants you or not VERY quickly, and that is determined by how attractive you are. But being attractive has less to do with your looks than it does with your whole personality, your energy, your charisma.

The bad news is that we can't do much with our physical looks. The good news is that we don't have to. We need only work on making ourselves more attractive, which is something we all have the ability to do.

Oh yeah, so if the girl puts you in the category of un-doable, does that mean there's no way to turn around the situation. There is, but it's a lot less work to be attractive right off the bat. And that way is not as simple as using a neg-hit, throwing around a few cocky and funny lines, telling her a cool story, or hypnotizing her with a pattern.

You basically have to give her such a system shock that she has to completely reevaluate who you are.

Someone else whom I can't remember gave a very good analogy. I don't remember who he was, otherwise I would have given him credit, but think about this:

If you have a dog, and all of a sudden he learned how to sit on command, by himself, then you would be impressed, but you would still perceive him as a dog.

On the other hand, if you go outside your front door, and you see him smoking a cigar, talking on the cell phone, and surrounded by the entire Dallas Cowboy cheerleading squad, then you would have to completely reevaluate what you're seeing before you. He is no longer a dog.

Same thing with a chick. If she wasn't initially attracted to you, then the way to change her behavior is to completely shake up her definition of who you are.


My "system" is pretty simple.

1) Make the chicks feel good about themselves.

2) Be playful.


Boldness is truly magical. Having the guts to ask for what you want is immensely attractive, and you'll be surprised at how often you'll get it.

I remember hanging around with a large group of seduction students. I had gotten a chick to give me a kiss, and they were trying to figure out how I did it, asking me if I ran this pattern or set up an anchor, or blah blah blah. My answer? I asked her to give me a kiss.

They were dumbfounded that it was so simple.

The truth is that things are really that simple. We just overcomplicate them. Ask for what you want, expecting to get it, and not really caring if you don't. If you don't get it, be playfully persistent, and you oftentimes will.

And the really cool thing is that the bolder you are, the more comfortable the chick will be. You're basically showing her that you are a leader, and she can comfortably follow your lead. Don't doubt yourself, and tell (or show her) what you want... you'll often get it.