The Boyfriend Social Experiment

by Vancity King

Many readers will have seen or even conducted their own in-field experiments when it comes to openers and initial pick-up, from both a “nice guy” and a player’s frame.

But I had yet to see anyone take it a step further and experiment with actually dating a hot girl albeit over a short-term entirely from an average frustrated chump frame and documenting the end results... until now.

My experiment took place over the course of two months this summer, but an intense two months at that where I conversed with the girl every day and saw her frequently under the guise below:

  • I ran absolutely none of my standard material (game) from opening through the end of the relationship - no templated opening text, no mid-game, no routine stacking when meeting up, nothing... basically everything a “normal” or non-player would do.
  • Purposely displayed some social awkwardness and non-physicality (escalation) throughout the courtship by professing my affection for her, instead of physically displaying it.
  • Never checked the girl on untoward behavior and just let everything slide, i.e. I opened doors, never called out the girl on talking on the phone while out with me, flaking, putting up token/last minute resistance, the usual routine hot girls pull.
  • Let her take the lead in terms of when, where, and what we did when we saw each other.
  • Put myself in the boyfriend/provider frame as opposed to the guy who just wants to have fun and f**k her frame.

The end result of such foolery will come as no surprise to experienced players, but before we get to that some further explanation is in order.

The Open

I met the hot girl (we’ll call her Bubbly) innocently enough at a charitable fundraiser we both attended.

Given some disparate mutual connections and the fact that I am involved with said registered charity for which fundraiser was taking place (she was volunteering) I figured she would be the perfect subject as did not want to game her up and have it get back to our mutual (professional) connections someway or other that I played her like NBA 2K.

Needless to say I opened her, we conversed a bit about what we each did for work (pretty average, lame stuff from the jump as I had stated) and proceeded to have her add herself to my messenger/Facebook by handing her my cell.

From this point things proceeded fairly quickly as I messaged her the next day (the one thing I usually do regardless) and got her number so that we can start planning our initial rendezvous via text which she was more than down for.

From there the typical mid (text) game proceeded wholly uncharacteristically for me, as I completely discarded all of my rules with reckless abandon by responding to ALL of her texts, not capping the number of times I texted throughout the day (limit this to no more than two separate interactions), and always let her end the conversation on me - whoever does this is always perceived as the one of higher value.

The Dating

Going into the first date we (overly) texted each other so albeit horrible form, it also minimized the chances of a flake and I also picked up on an indicator of interest as she was almost always the one to text me first and initiate the conversation with me simply replying.

When we initially met up I had three simple things in mind:

  1. Tire her ass out by taking her on a long walk akin to some hobbit’s journey through middle f**king earth.
  2. Make certain we eat late at night after being worn down from the walk as this will absolutely stifle the sexual urges in any female.
  3. Do not escalate physically whatsoever through lack of kino.

Any one of these three things would have qualified me as a clueless beta, never mind all three combined!

Not only this, but to put the cherry on the bitch male cake I was a complete open book. Any personal question she asked of me, I rambled off the answer without giving two squirts a piss – no mystery build up whatsoever.

Needless to say, evening went about as expected with some average banter back and forth – basic getting to know you stuff with none of my usual risque/wild topics thrown in and ended after several hours with a goodnight hug by her parked vehicle, kids stuff.

Despite this, Bubbly was still down as she invited me out for a Day 2! And on our subsequent romp even subtly hinted at going back up to my place which I simply brushed aside so as to save this here experiment plus to woo her into bed would not have been average Joe behavior to say the least.

As the dates mounted (forget how many exactly we went on) so did the built up sexual tension from lack of kino and as a direct result social awkwardness began ensuing from both sides.

Lack of kissing, touching, and apologizing (something a true player wouldn’t do and is very, very selective about) all became the lame norm... little wonder the initial flame began to fizzle out at this point.

The End

My perceived weak ass betaness being on full fledged display, the alpha-esque Bubbly recognizes the obvious that she is the higher value one in the relationship and proceeds to confirm this fact by openly outing me in conversation as clingy/needy, flaking on planned rendezvous, and otherwise paying little mind to her behaviour as she felt fully comfortable that it would go unchecked, which it did of course.

Under normal circumstances I would have properly given her ass a thrashing for such bitchy tendencies and while being mighty tempted to do just this, I didn’t lest I blow my cover and end the gambit right then and there. So I continued to cower and kowtow, not calling her out and remaining eternally nice to her in spite of her numerous violations.

This dragged on until the relationship eventually dissolved into some sort of bizarro text buddy zone where we would still consistently chat on Whatsapp, yet she had made it abundantly clear that she did not see anything romantic developing. Hmm I wonder why haha.

In Conclusion

The cold hard, bitter truth which I knew all along but which some people still to this day do not want to swallow is that nice guys do finish last... when it comes to women/dating!

Hopefully this adds to the stockpile of material which has already been accumulated which confirms as much and also provides some crucial takeaways to bear in mind:

  • ALWAYS put yourself in the sexy, fun, cool, I want to hook up with you frame from the start, as you can later switch to the boyfriend frame should YOU wish to take it there.
  • DO NOT be lame, nice, always agreeing with her, and letting bitchy behaviour slide... ever! In order for her to like you, she must first and foremost respect you.
  • Keep your options open AT ALL TIMES! Unless you deliberately choose to escalate things to a serious relationship down the road, always be talking to and seeing other girls while starting to see any new girl, as all hot girls, most especially those still in their twenties, have the attention span of a dyslexic two year old on a sugar high. A man with options, is a man without need.