Can a Woman's Fashion Choices Signal She's Flirting With You?

by Katlyn Eriksen

fashion flirting image

With 92% of people saying they believe dressing well is important, it’s no wonder that we use clothes to convey messages or make first impressions.

Women in particular have taken this to heart, as women often try to be much more subtle when dropping hints to tell men that they’re interested in them. Instead of saying things outrightly, they prefer the art of body language or even changing their clothes to signal their interest.

Decoding their outfits could be the key to figuring out what women want to say to you.

Keeping Things Casual

When a woman is happy to be in her sweatpants, with no makeup on and wearing an old t-shirt, this can often be interpreted as a lack of effort.

However, for a lot of women, they use this to symbolize that they feel comfortable around you, which is one of the most essential things to look for in a partner.

If she’s not making an effort, don’t take this the wrong way. This could be her way of trying to prove that she doesn’t have to try hard to stop feeling awkward around you and she can be herself in your company.

Constantly Changing

Continuous variation of her style could mean one of two things and, good news for you, they’re both positive signs.

One could be that she’s simply trying to find her individual style, and that means finding what she’s most comfortable in and therefore making her feel confident to see you.

The other option could be that she wants you to notice her every day and not let herself blend into the background, so she can be the center of your attention.

Both options, whilst not necessarily a guarantee that she wants you to talk to her, definitely don’t mean that she’s trying to put you off. The continuous change means there’s always the perfect opportunity to compliment her and start off a new conversation.

Lady In Red

Red has time and time again been proven to be the color that makes women feel the sexiest and most self-assured.

This means that her new lipstick or dress could be her way of gaining confidence around you and making herself feel at her best. It has also been historically linked to attractiveness, which might prove that she’s using the bold color to try and get your attention.

To sum it up; if she’s wearing red, she wants to feel good, look good and make you look.

Check Out Her Patterns

Bold patterns show confidence and seek attention, but some can have specific meanings.

Vertical stripes can make someone look taller and slimmer, so she may be trying to accentuate her best features for you. Floral patterns are often worn by flower lovers, so this could be the perfect opportunity to send a bouquet. If the patterns are a motif (a cat or dog, for example) this could be demonstrating an interest in something which you can use to start a conversation.

Although women may not be the most straightforward people to understand, comprehending their hints is a great way to learn their intentions towards you.

In any case, noticing their style is a perfect conversation opener, and a small compliment could go a long way towards showing that you like them.

They’ll really appreciate the fact that you’re interested in her clothes, which the majority of women love, as it means you’re taking an interest in her.