Learn How to Develop Charisma That Attracts Women

by Jesse Allen

Everyone tells us that we need charisma in order to be successful in life, especially with women. Every man (and woman for that matter) wants to learn how to develop charisma.

There are many factors when learning how to develop charisma. Knowing and being aware of these elements will give you an advantage. Some people say that charisma cannot be taught, and they may be right. Some people are already charismatic but don't know how to get charisma. Read articles by those who had to work on charisma rather than those who are naturals.

Learning how to get charisma can be explained but it is up to you to tailor it to fit your personality. I know that a lot of people think that charisma and personality are one in the same, but they are very wrong.

I am going to illustrate some of the most important concepts when it comes to being charismatic, and it is up to you to go out and use it. Knowing the framework of something helps and if you're serious enough, putting some "meat on the bones" of that framework will soon follow if you are persistent.

Presence is the first thing I'm going to talk about and could be the most important tip when learning how to develop charisma. You need presence if you are looking to attract anyone. If nobody notices you, nobody will want to meet you. It may seem simple, but you'd be surprised how many people ignore it.

You want everyone to notice you, and not in a bad way. When you walk into a room full of people, pause near the entrance and and look around, making as much eye contact as you can. By doing this people will notice you and being noticed, as I mentioned earlier, and this has to be your main goal.

Accomplishing a powerful presence doesn't have to be that difficult. Even shy people can do this because presence has a lot more to do with how you carry yourself than what you say. Learning some quick tips on how to emanate presence and a confident, secure aura does take practice, but a lot less than learning how to talk to someone.

I once read that "motion dictates emotion." What this means is that however you carry yourself directly affects how you feel. And if you are always looking down, barely keeping your torso erect, guess what? People are going to think you're insecure and/or depressed. Chances are, if you do walk around like this, you are at least one of the two. So let's fix that.

Always stand tall and with your head up. People who do this are taken way more seriously and will receive a lot more respect than someone who doesn't. It tells people that you are ready to face anything that comes your way and women in particular find this very, very attractive.

Smile. That's right. Smile with sincerity and do it as often as is necessary. When someone smiles, they immediately signal confidence and high self-esteem. It prevents people from thinking you're an ego maniac and will make you far more approachable. Why screw up your chances by looking too serious?

You don't want to smile all the time, though. Doing this will make you look fake, and in some case, weird. I remember a guy once who smiled all the time and everyone around the office would call him "chick lets". Don't be that guy.

Have manners. Be very careful not to offend people. Someone who cares about others feelings, cares about themselves. You don't want to create a confident presence only to shatter it with bad manners.

Consider what you're saying before you say it. Doing so will prevent you from putting your foot in your mouth, something most guys do. It will also keep you from talking too much. Sure, you may have the presence of a confident, secure man, but it takes only a little bit to change this into a cocky, self-absorbed guy.

Thinking before you speak will also make you a better conversationalist. When you approach a woman, you absolutely MUST have some conversation skills. Why would any woman be with a guy who is boring and uninteresting? I don't think you want a woman like that, so don't be that type of man.

When talking with a woman, ask her about herself. Don't get personal, just be interested in who they are how they developed into the person they are today. Women love talking, especially about themselves. It makes them feel better, and it is your job to link this feeling with your presence.

Conditioning is a very popular psychological method used by the best seducers. Linking pleasure and a good time to yourself will have women thinking about you long after you meet. You want to create positive associations and doing so will make people want to spend more time with you. See how important this is when dealing with women?

A popular method when it comes to women is asking open questions. Instead of "do you come here often", ask " what is a girl like you doing in a place like this?" A simple change is how you ask questions can go a long way and is the difference between a simple yes or no answer that will leave you stuck on what to say next and losing her interest.

A good conversationalist is someone who listens and understand the other person they are talking to. I stress all over this website how important it is to educate yourself when it comes to anything you want to learn, whether it be fitness, health, or seduction. Knowing more about the woman you are chatting with will make her feel special and will give her the impression that you care about her.

Be a smooth, cool, and patient man. Don't run around like a headless chicken, rushing to do things and worrying about what to do next. It will make you look like you're out of control and indecisive. It will also make others around you feel nervous and uncomfortable. Not the things you are looking to achieve when trying to meet or seduce women. Would a woman want a guy who she can't keep up with, is indecisive, and makes her stressed? No.

Patience is a virtue. Give people the impression that you are someone who knows that everything falls into place effortlessly. Never let anyone see you sweat or they will detect weakness and insecurity. After all, if you're not patient in your everyday activities, what's to say you won't be the same when it comes to relationships? Patience is crucial to a relationship and women understand this more than men do.

Don't be the typical guy. You want to distance yourself from that category as soon as you can. If something or someone is different, people are drawn to them. Mystery gets women all the time, and if they see that you don't fit the type that they've seen before, they'll want to get to know you. People are curious, so use this to your advantage.

Again, I cannot say this enough. Saying less is far more effective than saying too much. Give people the desire to see you again and learn more about you. Create anticipation and have people wonder what you are about to do next. Doing this will have everyone around you pay more attention to you, and this is what you want.

When you are in a conversation, morph into the person they need to be around. The more you listen to a woman, the more you'll know what they are looking for. Never argue with women. Arguing is an unattractive personality trait that nobody wants to be around.

Compliment people with deserving flattery. Flattery is not trying to convince someone that they are something they are not. It reassures them of things they already know. Say a woman has beautiful eyes. Tell her! She probably already knows this and hearing it from a man will make her crave more. If she has a big nose, don't tell her that you think it's cute. Not only will she not believe you, she'll probably feel even worse by you bringing it up.

Don't make jokes about someone else's appearance or their beliefs. You must be understanding. Don't get me wrong, being understanding doesn't mean being impressionable. Agreeing to everything someone says is definitely not the answer. Instead, give your point of view in a diplomatic manner and always be open to new ideas. Challenge people, but not in an aggressive way. If you disagree with someone, confidently express your views and allow them to decide whether they are wrong or not. If you do this, they will be more likely to accept and respect your thoughts.

Without charisma you will be hard pressed attracting anyone. It will also cut the work load later on when you begin applying the seduction and dating tips I will write about. Remember that seduction is a tool to use only after you've accomplished attraction. Being charismatic will take some effort, but it is well worth it.

Jesse Allen is the main contributor to the website http://www.approachandseduce.com and freelance writer. He has tried many seduction programs and provides free tips to seduce women on his site and through his official newsletter.