The Reason Women Can Be Confusing to Men

by Keenan Cullen

Do you find women confusing? Do they make next to no sense? Do they say one thing, then do the complete opposite? Do they send mixed signals?

Is there an end to your ever-growing confusion when it comes women's seemingly unpredictable behavior? What if there was a simple way to understand it.

There is.

If these questions have plagued you -- if you feel left in the dark, only to find yourself amazed by those select few guys who seem to understand women's code, let me shed some light so you can join them instead of admiring them.

Let me share with you the single reason for any confusion you may have understanding why sometimes women mystify men and exactly how to remove it, allowing you to become invincible to women's confusion.

This gives you the freedom to create the kind of relationships you truly want with women, whether for the short-term or long-term.

The truth is...

Women Are Only As Confusing As We Make Them Out To Be!

Guys who find women confusing are, themselves, confused. Not understanding women in relationships is the symptom, not the cause.

So what's the cause?

What confuses them is not really women. It's themselves. What this means is that their understanding of how they should treat women, as Nature designed sexuality, is flawed.

And because of this misunderstanding, they don't treat women as women. Instead, they treat women, not by who women REALLY are underneath, but by who they THINK women are.

Most guys tend to either see women as princesses, bitches, or fragile creatures. It is in having these views on women where all the confusion starts.

Now, some women DO appear to be princesses. Some DO appear to be bitches. Others DO appear to be fragile.

But DON'T mistake these appearances for what's really going in underneath.

Understanding women's behavior has more to do with removing your own confusion than actually understanding women.

Women Want To Confuse Men And Here's The Reason...

The important thing to understand about women's sometimes confusing behavior is that the ONLY reason they do it -- are you ready for this -- is to confuse YOU!

And if it works, they continue to use it.

Women aren't really confusing. They just PRETEND to be!

And sometimes, when we pretend to be something we're not, we eventually start acting that way from habit. This applies to how women choose to confuse men.

It shifts onto autopilot.

You know those bathroom meetings women have only ten times a night when they're out on the town? What are they talking about?

Men. But more accurately, they're talking about how to confuse men!

Cool Guys understand this. And that's why they are so successful at understanding women and how to communicate with them to get what they want -- because they know all of women's confusing behavior is just an act designed to confuse him.

But why?

Short answer... POWER.

It's difficult to figure something out when it's behavior is unpredictable. And when we can't figure something out, we're at it's mercy. Why? It has power over us because it makes it difficult to respond the same way as last time... and get the same result.

Simply, it takes our choices away from us. And that, right there, is the ONLY reason women can appear confusing.

Many women confuse men in order to make their choices for them. For by placing themselves into a position to have such a strong influence over a guy's decisions, it gives women many, many benefits!

Access to his money, his attention, his time, etc.

Take Your Power Back: Stop Women From Confusing You

When you realize the motivations underneath women's confusing behavior, you find that understanding women in relationships has much less to do with women.

It has much more to do with understanding yourself -- or more accurately, how you currently view women. For when you change how you view women, when you see them for who they truly are, you naturally change the way you communicate with them.

Then the dust clears, and the light brightens the darkest corners.

It is by seeing women's hidden agendas that you also begin to notice that your confusion begins to leave. You start realizing that the confusing behavior was just a distraction.

It's a distraction, much like an illusionist, who takes your attention away from the REAL issue so he can conceal what he's really doing, leaving you confused about how the trick worked.

Women's confusing behaviors work in exactly the SAME way! The point is to have your attention tied up in trying to figure her out while she's off somewhere else, perhaps, taking advantage of you without you even being aware of it.

The solution?

Whenever you find yourself confronted by a woman's confusing behavior, don't pay attention to it. This is key. Instead, look at how she would benefit by distracting you.

Look past the fog she's trying to create. Don't let her pull the wool over your eyes.

Not only is this respecting yourself, but ironically, it is the men who don't buy women's clever distractions or confusing behaviors that they are attracted to and want to sleep with.

Self-respect and integrity always win.

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