5 Dating Mistakes That Men Make with Women

by Michael Webb

Great women are hard to find. So when you do find one, don't ruin your chances by making these deadly mistakes. Remember, attractive women have dated a lot of men so they know what's going on. The result? They'll disappear before you realize you've done anything wrong.

Here are 5 things that many men do that blow their chances with their girlfriend, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1:  Sharing your feelings with her too early

When you announce that you love her, you lose the mystery, the magic and the chase. Remember that the early stages of dating should always remain casual. Only after you get to know each other really well should you pursue anything further.

It's also worth mentioning that you can't logically convince someone to fall in love with you either. Falling in love is a process that happens outside the conscious mind ­ remember that. Which brings me to...

Mistake #2:  Trying to push it too far too soon

It's natural to wonder about your future together but remember, if you start talking about marriage after only 12 months, you could ruin your chances to take things further. Just because you like a particular girl doesn't mean you should rush things any faster than they should naturally progress.

Think about your friends and how the natural progress of friendship happens. Rarely do you meet someone and feel eager to become best buddies over night. As a general rule: slower is better.

Mistake #3:  Being too available

You might think "saying you're busy" is playing a mind game or being manipulative. Well let me tell you something: everything you do is manipulation. We always act a certain way to try and achieve a certain outcome. The best way to come across naturally is to ACTUALLY BE BUSY. Get involved in life and don't make your new girlfriend the center of your attention.

This is simply a reminder to be who you were before you met the girl of your dreams and continue to be that person, rather than use trickery. Remember that your busy, interesting and fun life only has so much time for her, no matter how much you like her. And remember, women love a challenge and mystery, so this actually works in your favor.

Mistake #4:  Not being yourself / Seeking approval

Women love confident men with a strong sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, guys often try to guess how the woman wants them to act and try to accommodate her mold, which leaves very little room for your own personality to shine. Be comfortable being you. Showing that you're not scared to be yourself is very attractive and very refreshing for others.

Mistake #5:  Buying gifts

While buying gifts "looks" like a nice gesture, the underlying message is, "I want you to like me, so here's this expensive thing." Don't do it. Gifts are for couples in long term relationships. Buying them too early can have the opposite effect to what you want.

So there you have it. The 5 big mistakes that guys make while they're dating women. Avoid these mistakes and you'll dramatically increase the chances of succeeding with her.

About the Author:

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