Frequently Asked Questions

by Craig Reeves

How can I tell if she likes me?

The only way to tell how interested she is in you is to make a move (number close, date request, kiss, etc.) Watch her reaction. If the move is unsuccessful the first time, you can try again later one more time. If it's unsuccessful the second time, ditch her and move on... in other words... NEXT.

How do I let a girl know how I feel?

Make a move (number close, date request, kiss, etc.). DO NOT tell her with words how you feel or act like a suck-up and buy her gifts and dinners on the first date because you will come off way too eager and wussy. No, you need to be a challenge so that she can see you as being worth fighting for.

When you approach a girl and you communicate with her for a little bit, get her email or number (or both) to show her that you like her enough to want to talk with her again. If you are on the date, kissing or holding hands with her is going to show her that you like her, because people don't generally do that with people they dislike.

How do I approach a girl?

Most guys MAKE it difficult to approach women. There's something that they are afraid of that makes it difficult. The best way to approach a girl is to actually prepare to do it. Yes, actually sit down one day and WRITE DOWN the most common situations that you run into to meet women and come up with a good opening line (or more, if you like) to start a conversation for each.

Rehearse the line many times. Don't only rehearse what you are saying, but HOW you are saying it -- that's extremely important.

Once you are in the situation and you see a girl that you'd like to approach, if you feel confident and comfortable about your opening line, you will feel more confident about approaching her. Just give her direct eye contact, and deliver your opening line exactly the way you rehearsed it -- voice tone, body language, and everything. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Why doesn't she want to go out with me?

It doesn't matter, and it will be far more trouble than it's worth to find out. All you know is that she doesn't. So... NEXT!

How do I ask a girl out?

Never ASK a girl that you are interested in for ANYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with her time or attention. No, what you do is you go up to her and tell her that you'd like to spend time with her at (some place) at (some time), and that she should come along. If the two of you spend enough alone time together, it will be a lot easier for things to fall in place naturally over time instead of trying to change the relationship overnight.

How do I impress a girl?

If your aim is to impress a girl or win her approval, you will never impress her.

Strange, I know. But the best way to impress a girl is to treat her as if YOU are the one that needs to be impressed rather than her. You need to treat her as if she's trying to get YOUR approval instead of YOU trying to get HERS.

I know this seems like the complete opposite to what most newbies are taught from their parents or society, but if you want to "impress" a girl, you need to stop trying to impress HER, but start treating HER as if SHE needs to impress YOU.

What do I do if she plays "hard to get"?

When a woman plays "hard to get", it is a test. Probably the most common of all tests. She's testing you to see if it will affect you. If you let her playing "hard to get" have an obvious effect on you, you will fail her test. However, if you act as if nothing is going on and continue treating her like you normally do and eventually STOP THE TEST BY MAKING A MOVE, then you will pass.

Women play "hard to get" to test your persistence. If you are not persistent, you will fail. If you are too clingy, you will fail. Showing disappointment to her test will result in failure, because you are letting such a test AFFECT you. Therefore, you treat her as if you normally would treat her when she plays "hard to get" and stop her test by making a move.

If you call her once a week and she's not returning your calls, DON'T BRING IT UP, AND JUST MAKE A MOVE ALREADY. She's trying to see if you'll easily give up. She's sick of trying to figure out if you like her or not and is wanting you to make a move. However, don't call any more than you normally do just because she's not returning your calls. Keep doing what you're doing and acting normal and MAKE A MOVE.

When she starts playing hard to get, she's bored with the relationship as it stands and usually wants MORE, so give her more and MAKE A MOVE.

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