Give Them What They Want

by Clyde Lindsey

Women like to be recognized for their attractiveness! So, give them what they want.

They spend more than a hour getting ready. (Putting on the makeup, finding the perfect dress, getting a $50 haircut, etc.) Why not tell them how much you appreciate it? That is what they want. TO BE NOTICED.

I have started to notice more and more attractive women in the past 3 months, more than when I was a teenager. (I know it's hard to believe.) When you focus your mind on getting something, EVERYTHING is possible.

Here's what I do when I see a very beautiful woman I'd like to get to know. I walk right up to her and say these exact words:

"Hello. You're an extremely beautiful woman. My name is *insert first AND last name*. What's yours? If you're single, I'd love to take you out and get to know you. Maybe over a cup of coffee or tea. To do that, I need your phone number."

This may sound a little corny to some of you, especially if you're shy or self-conscious. Trust me, if you follow exactly what I tell you, you will see results.

There are some rules you need to follow. Before you ask this person out, you have to let these words run through your head:

"People love me."
"People are attracted to me."
"This person would really enjoy spending time with me."

I say these words to myself out loud or in my mind all the time. It has allowed me to feel more confident and motivated to get what I want.

When you see that person and are ready to make the move, stand tall. Hold your shoulders back, look her directly in the eye. What she will notice is confidence, security, and attractiveness.

After you have made your move, it is now up to her. Since there is no guaranteed way to get a woman to go out with you, I won't promise that this will work every time. This lady now has two options:

1. She can say "yes" and you can get the opportunity to know her.

2. She can say "no" and you can move on to the next woman you would like to meet... knowing full well that the next woman may be looking for a guy just like you. One who is confident and proud of who you are.

You have now just won the game.

You see the game is to find the right girl, and to do that, you have to ask. When you ask, you get the answer. If she says "no" you've won, because you now know that you can't get what you want from this particular person. If she says "yes" you get what you wanted. If you start to think this way, you will never loose.

What I will tell you is that after practicing on 3 or 4 women a day, you will become more confident. The more confident and relaxed you are, the better you will become at attracting the woman that you want in your life.

This tip has taken me to a new level of self-confidence. I'm more focused on giving someone the opportunity to feel better about themselves just by NOTICING all the little things they do to let me enjoy looking at them. It makes ME feel good to tell them. Even if I don't get the phone number, I walk away and tell myself a few things:

  1. Even though she said no, at least she had a very beautiful smile on her face.
  2. I feel better now that I got that off my chest.
  3. I still have the opportunity to find the right person for me.
  4. I can move on feeling more confident and secure.

You never know what size or body type a person is attracted to. Looks Don't Matter!

I have met quite a few women in the past 2 months and have gotten some phone numbers. The people I met have told me a few things about me that I was quite surprised to hear. Some of them told me that the reason they agreed to meet me for coffee was the fact that I walked up and asked them for exactly what I wanted. Others have said that I was confident, without being cocky.

No, I still haven't found the right woman yet, and I'm not going to give up.

Clyde Lindsey