The Top 5 Tips For Finding Love This Holiday Season

by James Brito, Relationship Expert

If there's one month that's great for hitting on beautiful babes, it's December. Think about it: cold weather designed for snuggling and intimacy, the festive holiday season, the romance involved in sharing Christmas and New Year's together.

What woman WOULDN'T want to have a guy by her side during the holidays?!? It's the "Love Actually" lesson--everyone wants to be with someone come the holidays.

So it's up to you to take advantage of this special time. Use the following 5 techniques to find your dream girl NOW. You may just have a Merry Christmas...AND a happy New Year...

1. Throw a Holiday Party. This is a great way of attracting women. If there's one thing that gets women emotionally and physically excited during the season of good cheer, it's a man who surrounds himself with people during a festive time. It gives them the security that this man will show them a good time, and surround her with people so that she's never alone.

An important lesson to remember with women: They need to have a man for special times like Christmas. No woman wants to be alone, so by asserting yourself as the man who has lots of people around him, you automatically establish yourself as a desirable candidate. They automatically associate the positive vibes from the holiday season with YOU, and from there anything can happen.

So invite everyone you can think of--your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances--to a holiday get-together. Play some festive holiday music, have some holiday treats ready (cookies, eggnog, candy canes, etc.), and even dress up as Santa. Have a "Naughty" and "Nice" list, and promise the girls a good spanking if they're naughty. Women LOVE this. If things go well, you may even have the girls in "Santa's Private Sleigh."

2. Ask Her If She's Been Naughty or Nice (and Other Teases). Continuing from the previous tip, make the most of the whole "naughty or nice" gimmick. Women LOVE a man who will excite them emotionally, who won't slave over them but present HIMSELF as the judge of whether she's suitable.

Make it a big game: If she's too nice, she's boring and can't have you--unless she "tones up" her act. If she's too naughty, then she needs to be meted out punishment--and you'll be the one to give it to her (subtly excluding all the other guys as the party, and making THEM look too nice). Either way, you come out a winner. This is my favorite technique for finding love, and it works because teasing is a technique that is great for attracting women--a lesson I go into heavy detail in in my online course.

3. Spread Some Holiday Cheer on the Dance Floor. Teasing is a great way to show you don't take girls too seriously. Dancing is a great way of showing you don't take life too seriously. Even if you suck at dancing, the fact that you go out there and have a good time will impress women big-time. They love a man who can have fun and enjoy the holiday season.

Going out there and having the time of your life dancing shows a woman that you will show her a good time during the cheery season. And in the end, that's what they really want. So have fun, loosen up, and ask a woman to dance. If she sees you're having a good time, believe me, she'll want to join you--in more ways than one. Seriously!

4. Talk to Miss Lonely. While at any party--your own, a work party, a club-hosted holiday party, whatever--be sure to take advantage of my old "Love Actually" lesson: NOBODY wants to be alone during the holidays! So if you see a girl standing/sitting by herself or looking miserable at a holiday party, be the "knight in shining armor" who goes up to her and cheers her up.

Tell her a joke, comment on the party, even tease her with "C'mon, it's the Christmas season, you can't possibly be sitting here all by yourself!" Women love a man who cheers them up, and if you can take her from a negative state of mind to a positive one, believe me, she won't forget that. Just be the man who lifts her mood, and you'll be sure to see her again.

5. Use the Mistletoe/Midnight! Finally, never underestimate the power of the mistletoe and the strike of midnight on New Year's. Both are amazing props for setting up a first kiss; nothing compares. They work especially well with women you've had at least a few minutes of quality chat with.

You won't want to use it right away--build up the suspense for an especially good kiss--but once you sense things are going well, "conveniently" position yourselves under the Mistletoe. Don't even hide the fact that it's an obvious ploy; play it up: "WOW, we've somehow managed to land ourselves under the mistletoe. How did THAT happen?" Believe me, if you add enough humor and charm--and you don't need a lot--then women will be glad to comply.

The same goes with the strike of midnight on New Year's Eve. I met my present girlfriend two years ago on New Year's Eve, using this very technique. We had talked for hours that day, but once 11 pm hit, I unabashedly told her, "Can I tell you a secret?" As women LOVE secrets, she enthusiastically responded "Yes!" So I told her, "It's only one hour til midnight, and I have no one to kiss. I'm thinking you can help me out..."

This of course made her laugh, but more importantly gave her an "excuse" to want to kiss me on New Year's. By playing sly and making it KNOWN that I wanted to kiss her, I gained her respect and, even better, her assent to a great New Year's Kiss.

You can do the same, just by presenting your find with your "problem" and asking HER to be a part of the solution. As long as you keep your cool and say it with a grin, she'll be more than happy to help you with your "problem." And hopefully give you a VERY happy New Year!

Congratulations! You're on your way to a great holiday season. Remember these five tips:

  • Throw a holiday party
  • Ask her if she's been naughty or nice (and other teasing)
  • Spread Holiday Cheer on the Dance Floor
  • Talk to Miss Lonely
  • Take advantage of the Mistletoe and New Year's Midnight

and you're bound to have a great holiday season. Have fun, and good luck!

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Now it's YOUR turn!

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